About Me & Review Policy

Hello there, and what brings you to my little corner in the internet? Yep, that’s right, you want to know a little more ‘About Me’…

Well, I’m Sophia Ismaa, based in England, in my 20s, an avid reader of a variety of genres, deeply analytical (what I mean is I overthink), whimsically (or charmingly as I sometimes like to believe) moody, occasionally blunt, frustratingly passionate, at times bubbly, dear God I love a bit of goss, also prone to a surplus of existential crises and apparently got the case of the Chandler Bing because I don’t know when to stop… writing. *exhale*

In my spare time, and other than reading, I love going on walks. I love parks and anything green. I need to see a koala bear one day. I would like to see every animal there is in the world. But especially a koala bear. Also would love to do every obstacle course there is in the world starting with Tough Mudder. I do like dancing, but only if it’s Bollywood music because my knowledge of music beyond 2009 is pretty much non-existent.  

I first started my blog as a way to share my thoughts and feelings on books I’ve read and loved (or hated). But I’ve realised that as much as I love books, I also want to share my thoughts on other important things from my own personal experience! And then I realised I want to share your stories too… I want to know the story of your life and everything that makes you who are now and what you long for too. This could be mental health, feminism, race, culture, neurodiversity and more.

So, as follows, my blog is about three things:

  1. Books: Reading, reviewing, promoting and discussing books and publishing. I will also now be extending an invite to authors for interviews. Please read review requests below if you have any enquiries.
  2. A Collection of Cultures: This is an interview series amplifying the voices of marginalised bloggers and non-bloggers from around the world. Please see above for topics I’m interested in sharing. 
  3. TV and Film: On occasion, I talk about shows and films I’ve loved or hated!


Please note, review requests for 2020 are now closed. At the present moment, I am at capacity as I am currently working on a number of existing projects. As of 2021, all review and promotional requests will require a fee which I am open to negotiating. I am present on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook for which I would be happy to produce promotional material, and I am open to promoting on other digital video platforms like TikTok too. For all other enquiries, please expect a response within 5 business days. 


Please note, all review requests must be for authors who are black or non-black POC for books which belong to these genres below:

  • Literary fiction
  • Romance – particularly friends-to-lovers
  • YA
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary
  • Graphic novels
  • Thriller
  • Poetry


  • Horror
  • Science fiction
  • Crime
  • Historical fiction
  • Enemies-to-lovers


  • Middle-Grade

And that’s all from me! Happy blogging and happy reading.