Thoughts & Predictions for the Final Season of Game of Thrones // Part Two

Again, I’m just going to get right to it.

Will Tyrion Betray Daenerys & Co.?

As there are fans who aren’t aware of the Frikidoctor Tyrion leaks, I won’t spoil it for you… or I might. I’ll try my hardest to be cryptic and vague. Let’s be real though, Tyrion is not dumb enough to believe that Cersei will send help to the North. Cersei would gain a lot more from her original plan of letting Dany & co. fight with the dead and dealing with the victors with her own army and the Golden Company. Tyrion must have struck some sort of deal which Cersei could actually benefit from. I thought it rather suspect that they left out the rest of the scene between Tyrion and Cersei, we were left in the dark as to how Tyrion was able to convince Cersei to send assistance.

But how could Tyrion, so smart, so good, so brave, betray Daenerys and Jon? Show Tyrion is incredibly different to Book Tyrion. Book Tyrion is perhaps the most morally grey character of the series. Unpopular opinion: I’m not a major fan of Book Tyrion. Sure, he has some good moments, but he has equally dark and disturbing moments too which include him participating in the gang rape of his wife Tysha alongside Tywin’s guards. You might argue that Tywin forced him to the act, but the picture remains terrifying. While Tyrion, on the show, does not consummate his marriage to Sansa as Sansa is petrified of losing her maidenhood to him and he loves Shae, in the book, Tyrion is bitter when he realises that Sansa is disgusted by him. He is dissuaded by this. In addition, Book Tyrion is aware that Shae doesn’t love him and she’s doing what she can to get by in a world that doesn’t favour commoners. The show created a love story between the pair which whitewashed the effect of Tyrion murdering Shae and made it seem justifiable. ‘Poor Tyrion,’ yet another woman who will not love him even though he’s nice and smart. He is nice and smart, but, goodness, incel alert much?  


I personally think that Cersei’s storyline has been merged with Aegon’s (also known as fake Aegon by readers) storyline who has been completely left out from the show. The Golden Company swore allegiance to Aegon Targaryen and join him to invade Westeros. As we’ve seen, Cersei has Euron recruit the Golden Company to her cause.

Back to the leak and why I think it’s true. Daenerys questions whether Tyrion really wants to hurt his family and he tells Cersei that he doesn’t want to destroy his family and that he never has. To his knowledge, Daenerys cannot produce an heir which means her death will bring about the end to her cause. Cersei, on the other hand, is pregnant. What if he promised Cersei that, should Daenerys die, Cersei’s child could inherit the throne? Cersei would be able to rule as regent. I wouldn’t consider this a betrayal because it seems the logical decision to make, but Daenerys is unlikely to see it in that light.

Other than Tyrion, and I’m not including Jaime, Sansa knows Cersei best. I expect Sansa to question Tyrion’s word that Cersei will send help. Jaime will turn up at Winterfell eventually to fight at the Battle of Winterfell which we’ve seen in the trailer and he will let Dany & co. know that Cersei will not be sending help.

Tyrion is a Lannister and he is Tywin’s son as I discussed in Part One. Will he be loyal to his House? To his family? Daenerys’s glamour is wearing off, especially for Varys who we saw drinking after the second Field of Fire. I suspected that Tyrion has been in love with Daenerys for a while now, he certainly had the look of love in his eyes when Daenerys awarded him the title of Hand of the King to him and a leaked script from the previous season confirmed this. Peter Dinklage told EW that Tyrion is in love with Daenerys – or thinks he is. I think Tyrion’s role in the final season will test his loyalties; does it lie with Daenerys and the new world she wants to build or the legacy that he, as a Lannister, wants to preserve?

I hope the leak turns out to be true. Simply because it would be scandalous and exciting. And this is Game of Thrones… we desire chaos and drama.

Who Will be the Valonqar?

First of all, I just want to say, I only love Jaime Lannister and my bed, I’m sorry. I don’t see Jaime surviving, and it always seems that characters like Jaime, Sirius and even Eleanor Shellstrop have to die for their arc to be completed – or in the case of Eleanor, die to become good which is a shame because these are the very few characters I can relate to – bad boy turned good (yes, I did just call myself that).

Will Jaime be the valonqar as die-hard fans expect? He would have to survive the Battle of Winterfell and it seems that fans believe that he will die a heroic death at the battle. But for the Valonqar theory to be realised, Jaime would have to survive and head back South to King’s Landing. I think he will survive the battle and head back to King’s Landing.

Better yet – what if Jaime survives and becomes the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch? What if he survives and helps rebuild the Wall after the Great War is over? Or… even more scandalous: what if Jon, Dany and Cersei die, and Jaime inherits the throne? Okay, this is a reach, but he is a King I would root for.

Who Will Win the Iron Throne? Will There Even Be a Throne by the End?

It is the smallfolk who suffer when the high Lords and Ladies play the Game of Thrones. The ending I want? A democracy. The Iron Throne destroyed, and a Parliament built. The Broken Man speech was left out from the show and it accurately reflects the lives of the soldiers who have to fight for nobles who don’t even know their names while their families starve at home. Daenerys is fighting for the smallfolk in the fight for the Iron Throne, but her “bend the knee or die” demand to soldiers raises some flags.  

I do believe Daenerys will win the Iron Throne if the Iron Throne isn’t destroyed by the end, but as I said in Part One, Emilia Clarke’s interview with Vanity Fair makes me believe that she’ll have to pay a high price for the Iron Throne.


But do you know what would be the most shocking ending ever? Daenerys and Jon ruling Westeros, have a baby, and we really do end up getting a happily ever after ending. That would be the greatest trick George R. R. Martin plays on us all. We would be stumped. What did we just watch? What just happened? Are we dreaming?


There are only two characters that I can safely say will survive – Sam and Gilly. They are Samwise Gamgee and Rosie Cotton. Every other character is fair game for dead meat.

For Part One, click here.

Who do you think should rule the Iron Throne and who do you think will most likely win the Iron Throne? Do you think Tyrion will betray Daenerys? Who do you think is the Valonqar? Are you excited for Game of Thrones? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’ve heard that theory about letting Cersei’s kid be Dany’s heir and it makes sense but it’s still infuriating and Tyrion way over reaching. Why on Earth would Tyrion think Dany would be okay with that? (Unless he’s planning on her dying soon.) Or the rest of Dany’s supporters? As Queen wouldn’t she expect to pick her own heir? I mean there’s not many great houses left. Pretty much the Starks and the Vale at this point but I’d love to hear that explanation, “Don’t worry Sansa. I know Geoffrey was a horror but the other two really weren’t bad. Fingers crossed for this one!”
    I definitely think Tyrion is overplaying his hand and it’s going to trip him up. But I don’t want to get to fair into spoilers in comments either 🙂 Hope you enjoy the new season!


    1. I still can’t blame him. Dany isn’t planning for the possibility of her death and is not only refusing to, but refusing Tyrion from even discussing it. She’s cock-sure that she’ll sit on the throne. She was cock-sure about freeing the slaves in Essos and then what happened? She created a mess. She’s counting on Tyrion to clean up the mess like she did in Meereen. But it doesn’t change the fact that she creates the mess. Long-term plans should be crucial if she’s intending on “breaking the wheel.” What does breaking the wheel even mean? She’s still planning on restoring the monarchy but more specifically her dynasty. I think what Tyrion was suggesting in that episode was establishing a democratically elected leader and not by Dany alone, by the people (ahead of his time). Dany shut the discussion down. He probably thinks she’ll die in the war against the dead. Qyburn has the scorpion (maybe Tyrion has suggested dragon glass being used for it? But I doubt it), NK has a dragon too. I’m starting to think he probably won’t betray her this way. I think it’ll be the leak about KL specifically. KL will be burning (set photos). If Tyrion’s going to go down it would make sense for the cause to be his biggest flaw – overestimating his own cleverness.

      I hope you’re enjoying the final season! And so glad I get to discuss it with you!


  2. I’m with you on Jaime’s arc, except for the NW part (he’ll die in my opinion) (in the arms of Brienne, hopefully).
    About Tyrion, it seems clear that he’s up to something, but I don’t think he’s going to betray Dany in favour of Cersei. I think he’s going to betray them both. I sense he’s been scheming something with Lord Varys, who’s a big believer in a ‘ruler who’s good to his/her people’, so they could be thinking of getting Jon on the throne (rightfully so). I feel like Jon will tell Dany about his lineage, but he’ll want to give up the throne to her anyway.
    Sam and Gilly will definitely survive. So will Sansa. The rest, no idea. I have a soft spot for Varys. I hope he’ll be okay.


    1. I’m starting to doubt he’ll die in Brienne’s arms, I think he might die alongside Cersei.

      That makes sense! I think if Tyrion found out that Jon is the heir, Tyrion and Varys would switch sides. And I can see Tyrion scheming with Sansa as well. Perhaps Dany finds out and torches Varys, he is destined to die in Westeros. Sophie did say she goes behind people’s backs to scheme, so I’m guessing it would be to get Jon to make a claim/take down Dany for Northern independence. I’m starting to think Tyrion’s betrayal could be to do with choosing Jaime… I’m not sure how it’ll work out though, but in the book series there was a foreshadowing along that line that he was mistaken for Jaime and died by dragon fire. We, as the audience, wouldn’t consider it treason, but Dany would and that could be why she’s worried about what people will make of Dany for doing that.

      You like Varys because you are him 😉


  3. I think that’s fair about book Tyrion- he’s definitely more morally grey, I think there’s a strong chance he’ll betray Dany too. Hehe we definitely like chaos and drama- at least I know I do 😉 Yeah I definitely think Jaime will die as well. And I really agree about Sam and Gilly surviving (and the parallel with Samwise and Rosie totally works!) Awesome post!


    1. It’s looking a lot like he’ll betray Daenerys for more understandable reasons (to save Jaime) and I hope that’s the case! Loooool, and yep, that’s why we tune in, give us all that drama and throw some extra spice in it. 😉

      Thank you! 🙂


  4. “Everyone else is dead meat”. Lmao! Just like that? Girl, you really know your history! Are you planning to do a follow-up post after the show ends? I kind of want to know if it follows the history it’s based on lol


    1. Girl, you wouldn’t believe this colonising moron really did make everyone dead meat. 😭 I’ve done my last one I think, after the last ep, I’m too traumatised to write any more lol. It was even better than in the end it was really about white imperialism and interventionism!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Paha she* & babies and children too, huh. And then the actress who plays her was like she wanted a scene to show Dany as she was when she was a child – like that is some white people Fox News crap, referencing to the ‘innocent’ childhood of white mass murderers. Thank God that it’s just a show lol.

          Liked by 1 person

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