Thoughts & Predictions for the Final Season of Game of Thrones // Part One

I’m just going to get right to it.

Is Daenerys Targaryen Henry VII and What Does This Mean for Her?

Game of Thrones is based on the War of the Roses which effectively ended once Henry VII, the Lancastrian heir, took the throne from Richard III. Is Daenerys the Henry VII of this story? Will she actually take the throne?

The Prince of Dragonstone is adapted from England’s Prince of Wales title. Like Henry VII, Daenerys fled overseas at a young age when the throne was taken by the usurper, Robert Baratheon, who is based on King Edward IV – both Robert and Edward possessed military prowess, many bastards scattered across the nation and reigned alongside their Queens (both fair of hair). Daenerys, when she finally returns to Westeros, lands in her ancestral home, Dragonstone, kneels and touches the sand. Henry VII, likewise, chose Mill Bay as his landing site, nearby Pembroke Castle, Wales, his ancestral home, and once he landed, kneeled down and kissed the ground. They both share a red dragon as their royal standard. Will Daenerys share the same fortune as Henry VII? This is George R. R. Martin’s story, there’s no saying whether this will happen. Martin may have attached another historical figure’s story to Daenerys’s as well…

Jon and Dany = Richard III and Elizabeth of York?

…Which could be Elizabeth of York and Richard III. Richard III, brother of Edward IV, was King before he was defeated by Henry VII at the Battle of Bosworth. Elizabeth of York, daughter of late King Edward IV, at that point, was betrothed to Henry VII. However, it was heavily rumoured that a love affair had sprung between Richard and his niece Elizabeth. Daenerys is Jon’s aunt. Do you see my drift? It will come as a surprise if both of them survive.

Who Are the Three Heads of the Dragon That Was Prophesied?

Interestingly, Henry VII’s coat of arms includes a red dragon (Daenerys), a white greyhound (Jon Snow and Ghost) and a little lion perched on the crown (Tyrion Lannister). However, again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the endgame. Who’s to say any of the three will survive the Game of Thrones? I don’t believe that all three will make it out alive. If they do… would this make them the three heads of the dragon?

Henry VII’s Royal Coat of Arms

Should Daenerys Rule Westeros?

I don’t believe that Daenerys is fit to rule the Seven Kingdoms, but out of her and Jon, I do expect she’s more likely to survive and win the Iron Throne. However, I sense she’ll have to pay a heavy price for it.

  1. Daenerys is an incompetent ruler. She abolished slavery. Whoop! Yay! But without a system to fall back on… which resulted in some of the newly freed returning to their former masters. Luckily, she had Tyrion around to re-establish trade in Meereen again…

  2. Says she cares about the people, says she’s not here to murder, says she’s different to Cersei because of this… and then demands that everyone bend the knee or die and promptly burns the loot train containing grains and supplies that the citizens of Westeros will need given that, oh, I don’t know, winter is here, and she would have learnt that from Jon and should have an understanding of the kingdom that she wants to rule. Mad at Cersei, furious that she was losing the war, burning the loot train was a punitive measure. Some might say she didn’t know, but, in that case, it demonstrates her naivety for not comprehending what those wagons contained given that the Lannister’s are heading home after sacking Highgarden. I wonder if this was a deliberate comparison between Daenerys and Sansa on the show’s part as we see Sansa ensuring the grains are collected. Daenerys is a conqueror… Sansa is a ruler. Forget ice and fire, Jon and Dany, blah, perhaps a marriage between Daenerys and Sansa would be better for the realm.


    Please, sis, make it make sense.

  3. It’s not all about cocks in the end… it’s really all about who your parents were and whether you will become them. The show drilled this into the audience. Tyrion and Daenerys do not wish to be like their fathers… they want to leave the world a better place than they found it. Genna Lannister tells Jaime that “Tyrion is Tywin’s son, not you.” [A Feast for Crows]

    Cersei Lannister places her trust in Jon Snow, believing that he, as Ned Stark’s son, will tell the truth which Jon does when he reveals that he has pledged his allegiance to Daenerys. Like his father, Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon does not enjoy killing. Jon is both Ned Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.

    Will Tyrion become Tywin by the end? Will he be more concerned about preserving the Lannister legacy?

    Daenerys torches Randyll and Dickon Tarly. Previously, she had pleaded Jon to not judge her by her father’s sins. Her father Aerys Targaryen, the Mad King, burned Brandon Stark and his father, Rickard Stark. I doubt that this is merely a coincidence. Daenerys repeats the same actions as her father by doing so. Many may say she had every right to do so or that the Tarly’s were given a choice and they chose to die and that this is the way of war. The Tarly’s already had a Queen and even if the audience doesn’t like that Queen, the Tarly’s loyalty to the Queen would overrule their allegiance to their liege lords and a ‘Queen’ they didn’t recognise. As Tyrion pointed out, Daenerys could have taken Dickon as a hostage. She did not hesitate to repeat her father’s actions. We’ve all been primed to view Daenerys as a hero and Aerys as a villain, even though Daenerys does exactly what her father does, and unlike Aerys who was the king at the time, she wasn’t the Queen. I doubt that, even if Daenerys ends up becoming a villain or committing villainous actions in the final season, that the majority of the audience will turn against her. They’ve supported her for too long… which is understandable. After all, people cling to their heroes/heroines and they’ve invested into her character and nobody wants an investment to go to waste.

  4. In an interview for Vanity Fair, Emilia Clarke revealed: “Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavour in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is…” This doesn’t bode well. However, should we take this with a pinch of salt as the cast could be toying with us? Or are we receiving ominous warnings by the cast to manage the expectations of the audience? Personally, I’d rather see a dark Daenerys. She is a character who strives so hard to be good, is good, but the execution of her good intentions do not always go to plan which makes her such a fascinating and well-written character.  

What Will Be the Fate of Sansa and Arya Stark?

Maisie Williams has stated that Arya will be siding with Sansa in the hinted Sansa-Daenerys conflict which caused the local dudebro’s (particularly from Reddit) to throw their dummies out of the pram in their parent’s basement – just say you hate women and go. Oh, but we like Arya and Daenerys, so, you see, we don’t hate women! Yes, you do. Yes, you very much do. Daenerys has dragons which is a military weapon and you associate that as a masculine strength. Arya is an assassin – again, considered masculine courage. Good Queen Alysanne got very far with woman’s courage – diplomacy and tact – which is what Sansa has. You simply don’t recognise feminine courage as courage. In order for you to consider a woman as strong, she needs to do ‘man things.’ So, again, just say you hate women and go. Also, to the women who hate Sansa Stark – there are a few who are unhappy with how different her show arc is to her book arc, so I don’t mean you – last time I checked, you aren’t a grade A ninja and whimper at the first sign of conflict. This Twitter user put it perfectly:


Many assign blame to 11-year-old Sansa as the cause of Ned’s execution, but not the man himself who revealed his plans to Cersei, omitted Joffrey’s lineage to Robert, and trusted Littlefinger – don’t get me wrong, I still love Ned Stark. To wholly lay the blame at Sansa’s feet reeks of misogyny… and, frankly, what demon possessed you to think an 11-year-old child is completely to blame? Please, your DBS should be removed from you and you shouldn’t go near children. The way you feel about Sansa Stark is the litmus test for misogyny.

Moving on, but staying on the topic of Sansa Stark, has anyone noticed how some cast members have been gushing over Sansa Stark? Sophie Turner seems happy with her ending, but that could mean any number of things. We, recently, saw John Bradley gushing over Sansa and her storyline, so it feels like the cast are warming us up to root for Sansa. Sansa has her purpose = Winterfell, her family and the Northerners. And she is a competent administrator, the only character who’s shown capability to rule. But I do not see Sansa wanting to be Queen or marrying, I can only imagine her wanting to marry if it helps Winterfell and her family. I see her being the Queen Elizabeth I of Winterfell (surviving Game of Thrones own Thomas Seymour in the form of Littlefinger and possessing red hair to boot), married to Winterfell, married to the North. If anything, Arya is more likely to marry… if Gendry is part of that equation.

What are your thoughts and predictions for the final season of Game of Thrones? Should Daenerys rule? Was she right to burn the Tarly’s? What are your thoughts on the Stark sisters? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Lots to think about here.
    While I think there’s been a lot of trying to throw fans off recently with all the ads and the hype ramping up Emilia’s comments were more than a year ago around filming time so I tend to believe her which worries me.
    I was also a bit disappointed to hear there would be conflict between Arya, Sansa and Dany. I mean I don’t expect them to be exchanging friendship bracelets 🙂 but hopefully it doesn’t get drug out to long. It makes me curious to see what kind of reception good old Jaime will be getting upon arriving at Winterfell considering his past with Bran and Ned, Dany’s father as well and he’s likely coming with the news Cersei really did screw them over so we shall see!


    1. Emilia’s come out in support for Daenerys after Jon’s parentage was revealed – but, to be fair, for this particular scene, I think she’s right… after all, she’s fought her entire life for the throne, how else is she supposed to react? I still can’t think what exactly Dany could do that would warrant such a reaction on Emilia’s part – it may be to do with Tyrion if you’ve seen Frikidoctor. I’m with you on I don’t see her becoming Mad Queen, she’s flirting with the idea, but she’s not a villain.

      I’m glad there is conflict, so I have to disagree there. It makes complete sense from a narrative POV. Sansa was the key driving factor to getting the north back (Bryan Cogman notes this in this article, Dany is taking back what Sansa has fought to take back and Dany doesn’t even consider it a proper part of the kingdom even though she wants it as we see when she says that it’s “Jon’s war.” She freed people in Essos, she’s taking away people’s freedom and independence in Westeros. I like her, I think she’s good, but her hypocrisy is making it difficult for me to root for.

      Dany got unnecessary flak for being angry with Jaime. Aerys was a tyrant, sure, he was still her father though. I predicted that Bran would be okay with Jaime, and, yay, glad to see I was right on that count!


  2. It’s a really great question who’s the actual heir. I like your point about Jon being Richard III- that’s an interesting idea I hadn’t thought of before. I don’t think Dany is suitable either- though I don’t see Jon taking the throne either (I think he’s more likely to survive and abdicate). I completely lost respect for Dany when she murdered her prisoners- that’s basically a way crime- even in westeros. Sansa is my favourite character right now, so as long as she survives (and I think she will) I’ll be good. And she would be the *best* ruler for the North! Brilliant post- really enjoyed this discussion and it gave me a lot to think about!


    1. Jon definitely has the Richard III look, but then again he also has the Henry VII look (plus, he would be Aegon VI, close enough!)

      We’ve seen what Jon wants being put aside, but if he’s going to abdicate or be able to put the throne aside, I think something major will have to happen – like him killing Dany or something.

      I agree! It would have been more tactical to hold at least Dickon hostage. I think I had it with her when she became a white saviour and then the burning of the Tarly’s because they wouldn’t bend the knee. As a POC, I’m not liking her imperialist mindset.

      The pack survives – Sophie Turner got the tat, so she better not have messed with us like that. 😉

      Thank you, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it, this is a fun discussion!


  3. It’s always brilliant to read a series that is influenced by history and see how the author uses it. And for a long (and uncompleted series) so many theories to consider. Fun haha


        1. Hope so! Apparently the ending will be different for some characters & apparently some are already dead in the books, so let’s see… I just want the Starks to be okay, that’s all I care about! 😭

          Liked by 1 person

  4. To indicate someone liking Daenerys or Arya more than Sansa because they have “masculine courage” is ridiculous. All three have feminine courage or whatever you want to call it and people have very valid reasons for disliking Sansa. This is just faux feminism and it’s annoying to see.


    1. I outlined clearly what is meant by feminine courage, and what are universally and traditionally believed to be feminine traits. Arya and Daenerys do not subscribe to those qualities. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing or a poor reflection on those characters. However, it is a fascinating insight into what audiences admire and respect and what they don’t respect. The ability to only respect and admire masculine courage is ascribing to faux feminism e.g. like Arya and Daenerys and not liking Sansa. Hyper sexuality (on Daenerys’s part) is not a valid substitute for feminine courage either.


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