A Collection of Cultures: Middle East // Guest Post

We aren’t voiceless, pass the mic.

I don’t know how other POC bloggers feel, but I’ve always felt that there is a shortage of stories and perspectives from people of colour… our stories are many and unique. So, towards the end of last year, I decided that I would begin sharing the stories of many talented, wonderful, diverse bloggers.

Welcome back to another edition of celebrating diversity in the blogging community. Today, we have a blogger who has chosen to remain anonymous and for the purposes of privacy, I cannot reveal who it is! I can, however, tell you that they are a hardworking, creative and intelligent person who is exceptionally talented in writing poetry that showcases the depth of human nature and, I have no doubt, that they will go very far.

copy of copy of a collection of cultures meet tiara guest post


How was it like to live in Syria?

Well, the time I spent in Syria wasn’t all that bad. To be honest, I had it lucky, some people have experienced worse. It was terrible when they would drop down the bombs, the sound was really loud, and you never know your home could be their next target. There were many times where it came so close that people would start preparing to leave! We all had a suitcase in case we needed to get out quickly.

Can you give as an insight into what it is like to be Middle Eastern?

We are very loud. Ok here goes, there are many times when I’m talking to my Middle Eastern friend that everyone wonders why we are shouting. Truthfully, it’s because we are just super loud and have a strong pair of laughter lungs, haha! Our weddings, as well, are no different. You would probably hear the music from a mile away, we are really loud…


What are some things you love about your culture and about being Muslim?

I love being Muslim because it installs a sense of peace inside of me that there is someone who I can tell everything to and ask for forgiveness from. As for my culture, it’s the fact that everyone is really welcoming!

What are some of the disadvantages of your culture and community? If you could make any changes, what would they be?


We are terrible at keeping calm. The first person to be rolling their windows and shouting is probably a Middle Eastern person, so I think that’s what I would change.


What do you wish people knew about Middle Eastern people?


We aren’t shouting at you when [we’re] talking we are just really loud… [we] wouldn’t make good politicians.

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A Collection of Cultures: An Interview with Tiara // Guest Post

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  1. i love love this series… it is so inspiring to know that people are still pursuing their passion despite all the odds… kudos to you sophia for starting this 😊🤗


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