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“I’m a feminist. I’ve been a female for a long time now. It’d be stupid not to be on my own side.” – Maya Angelou


A huge thank you to Kate @ Katedaysaweek for tagging me, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, I’m sure you know that this is exactly up my street. I’m a staunch feminist and I strongly believe in empowering women, so I’m so excited that Kate tagged me for this. I recently wrote a post about Kate who’s been nominated for the UK Blog Awards in the Beauty category. It’d be amazing if you guys would vote for her (if you haven’t already) and if you have the time, check out her flawless blog!


  1. What does women empowerment mean to you?
  2. What woman/women do you most admire? Why?
  3. Share with us a story, drawing, or video that you think says “empowered women.”
  4. Share with us the best lesson you’ve learned in leadership.
  5. What cause do you most want to bring awareness to? Why?/What does it mean to you?
  6. Tag 5 inspirational, powerful women to do the same.
  7. Link your post to https://mylifelines.co/women-wednesday-women-empowerment-tag
  8. Tag us on Twitter (@my_lifelines) and/or Instagram (@mylifelines_) with #WomenWednesday.


  1. What does women empowerment mean to you?

It’s as simple as it sounds: to empower women from all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, etc and to strive for equality. Some people might not be comfortable with the label of ‘feminist’, but it’s important to be aware that there will always be misconceptions and distortions of feminism. You might not wear the label of ‘feminist’ but, regardless, I believe its important to strive for the ideals set out by feminism. And, er, I’m going to do some self-promotion here and say that if you’re still doubtful, check out my post on 10 Things You Need to Know About Feminism!

  1. What woman/women do you most admire? Why?

Women who are unabashedly themselves. I admire and respect brave women who are unafraid to demand their rights, to call out wrongs, and who seek to improve society.

sonam kapoor

Sonam Kapoor, Bollywood actress, represents that for me. She’s feisty, outspoken, opinionated, uninhibited, and courageous. When the #metoo movement finally reached India, she was unafraid to be one of the first to support the movement, when acts of Parliament oppressed and restricted the LGBTQIA community, she spoke up against it on national television, and during an Actresses Roundtable, she openly spoke about being molested. Some people will say she doesn’t give a fuck and that’s why she doesn’t have a filter. I disagree. I say that she gives a lot of fucks, and that’s why she speaks up. So, give a fuck. Do what is right, not what is easy.

Not only is Sonam bold and passionate, she is also a bookworm and loves fashion, and, and, is a June baby. So, yeah, I basically love her because I strongly relate to her.

  1. Share with us a story, drawing, or video that you think says “empowered woman.”

Here are four empowered women:

As much as I love these actresses, I have to call them out for their awe of Woody Allen around the 52min mark. Come on, girls, you’re discussing and condemning child sex abuse (one of you has starred in a film, Highway, about child sex abuse and received an award for it) and then you’re saying that you’re fans of Woody Allen, two very mutually exclusive things. Are you against child sex abuse or no?

Also, if you want to watch Bollywood films which empower women, then I’d recommend: Highway (favourite!)*, Queen*, Neerja, Piku*, Dear Zindagi*, Hichki, Mardaani.

Those marked with an asterisk are available on Netflix.

     4. Share with us the best lesson you’ve learned in leadership.

  1. You have to lead by example first and foremost otherwise why should anyone trust you?
  2. Understand the purpose of the task and your target audience (if there is one) and match that to what you, your team and company/organisation have to offer.
  3. Have a plan, but be adaptable.
  4. Get to know your team, so you can bring out the best in each person, raise morale, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and adapt your leadership style as needed.
  5. Know your shit or get to know it.
  6. Utilise your resources effectively and appropriately.

5. What cause do you most want to bring awareness to? Why?/What does it mean to you?

Alongside being a feminist, I am a huge champion of the youth and believe that it’s extremely important to empower them. Whether that’s through supporting artistic expression, motivating and encouraging them, teaching them life skills or defending and protecting young people from violence and harm. There are so many ways you can help young people. Personally, I am in awe of the youth of today who are far more brave, mature and concerned with upholding values and justice than the older generations.


I Tag 5 Women of the Future:

Crystal Girl, Le Curious Mug, 11:11, Hammock of Books, Shelfish for Books

Of course, there’s no pressure to do the tag!

Speaking of empowerment, Tiara @MutedMouthful has set up a wonderful hustle where she provides practical resume and career support for today’s job seekers. She had, recently, seen a candidate’s application been dismissed due to a minor error and she’s decided to help people out! What a woman, right? So, if you need any support with your resume or interviews, check out interviewadvocate.com.

How do you empower women and yourself? What does an ’empowered woman’ mean to you? Who, in your life, represents an ’empowered woman’? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am so glad you took part in this tag because it means I got to find you! You are everything that we stand for, blog about, etc. I love your fierce commitment to feminism and spreading the love and power. Thank you for taking part in this tag. All of these answers were amazing! I am heading to read your 10 things about feminism post now!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing post!!! I love how strongly you feel about being a feminist and how you aren’t afraid to let the whole world know that! Also what’s wrong with not having a filter? I have soo many friends with no filter who sure, can have some mean things slip out of their mouths but are always honest with me! I respect anyone who is honest and would rather tell me the harsh truth than lie to me and let it effect me in the long run!

    Thanks for the tag! I hope I can do it 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You gotta appreciate the friends who have no filter, because they’ll be the ones who’ll tell you the truth, and if they tell you the truth, they care about making your life better and helping you improve! And exactly, I love that you understand that in the long-run, the truth matters so much more.

      And yep, there’s nothing wrong with being a feminist, if anything it’s empowering! And I’m sure you’ve done a great job! (I should hopefully be able to read it by the end of the week, sorry, I’ve been really busy 😭).

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Pahah, I think it’s safe to say that siblings and family can be amazing because they have no filter and we never really take offence because even after their outright honesty, we just know it always comes from a good place. 🙂 but still nobody can trigger you like a sibling can. 😂

          Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great tag! And I loved your answers. Thanks especially for that link. It’s such a great idea. I have to admit I rarely think about my resume (until I need it) and then it’s even more stress to get it updated and mistake free. I’ll definitely look into her site.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I know, right, I feel that it’s so much stress getting everything right and we unknowingly make small errors that can cost us a lot, so yeah, definitely, when you need to, check it out! 🙂


  4. What a great tag! I’m surprised you didn’t create it 😉 Loved your answers. Especially the leadership lessons. Also what is up with everyone giving Woody Allen a pass?? His movies suck and he’s a gross human being.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paha, I wish because it’s such an awesome idea! It’s because his films tend to give actresses an Oscar nomination which will lead to more roles basically… I’ve only watched one and it was a hot mess, I’m going to take your word for it! Oprah Winfrey was just like: nope, is it time up for Woody Allen too? What a babe.


  5. Feminism, equal rights. These words make me uncomfortable, really. But that’s only because they mean so much to me. And I keep having hard time to face reality or even what I feel about it. Like for instance, I keep thinking if only I were a guy, life wouldn’t have been so hard. I’m not sure if I’m making sense to you right now. Probably I’ll make sense out of it when I sit down to write this tag. *Fingers Crossed* Thank you so much sister for tagging me. It’s high time for me to sort things out.

    And did I say I loved your post. You are so confident about yourself and everything you stand for. I utterly admire you. 💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re making sense. It’s uncomfortable that we even have to have feminism, it’s uncomfortable that you even wish that you could be a whole other gender, it’s uncomfortable that we have to wish for basic rights to not be violated or fear being violated or treated unequally. That’s why we need feminism, and I’m glad there is a movement that is fighting for us.

      I’m not as confident as I seem, but I’m fully confident in the things I believe in, so thank you 🧡


  6. I agree with what you said that regardless you wear the label of feminism or not but it is important to strive to achieve feminism. Though some people wrongly associate feminism with ‘women over men’ but its far from it. It means equality!
    And, yes Sonam Kapoor is bold and courageous and she does give a fuck. What’s wrong with that? And it’s alright to not have filters! I haven’t watched the video yet because its a little long but I will watch it.
    And thank you for the link to Tiara’s blog. Resumes are such a pain and I usually do them at the last minute!
    I also feel strongly about youth. It is really important to empower and protect them. Educate them. Make them aware of people who are spreading hatred!


    1. Yes, I completely agree. I didn’t think so before, but I do now after seeing Tiara talking about how labels don’t matter, but actions do and a lot of people may claim not to be feminists, but put in actual work to empower women. I hope I can and that I am doing this in my own life. Yes, it’s strange that it went from equality to ‘we hate men,’ it’s bizarre how that perception came out and I guess it might be because of “men are trash.” Still agree that “men are trash” but I can see how it can get lost in translation if people don’t take the time to understand what it actually means (and how the ‘not all men’ is implied).

      It is a really long video and I was surprised to find that it’s enjoyable. If you do watch it, let me know what you think of it!

      Yes, do check it out, I think it’ll be a great help… I remember reading some of her tweets about CV’s (resumes) and it reminded me to double check consistently! And I’m with you on the last minute, but I don’t know if you feel the same way, but sometimes I feel like last minute kinda kicks your butt and gives you that extra drive?

      Yes, it begins with our youth. So much of what we believe is affected by what we were taught as kids… that’s why it’s important that we help educate them to have beliefs that are sensitive to others wellbeing. I don’t know what we can do about the elder generation who are a product of their times though, but we can make a difference with the youth.


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