Hermione Granger – 10 Reasons Why Your Fave is Problematic

And it’s okay if you disagree, unlike Hermione I won’t lock you in solitary confinement for a week, physically scar you for life or set birds on you to peck away at your skin.

“Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of ‘crack-pot’ than the stigma of conformity. And on issues that seem important to you, stand up and be counted at any cost.” – Thomas J. Watson

Now, Hermione Granger started off as an annoying character. She was nerdy and awkward, but book one and two Hermione, despite this, was endearing. But from the commencement of Prisoner of Azkaban, she became progressively worse, becoming more toxic, entitled and, frankly, physically and emotionally abusive in each and every instalment since.

Hermione Granger Ignoring Anyone Who Tries to Talk Some Sense Into Her

I am probably going to get hated for this, but I couldn’t give a flying fuck, and not especially when Hermione Granger does not at all deserved the revered status that she holds. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know I am here to always deliver some home truths.

Why didn’t I relate to Hermione like others did despite being a bookworm? I didn’t have the opportunity to romanticise characters in my childhood, I had to see life and people as clearly as I could, so there was no way I could ignore Hermione’s flaws… and I wasn’t lonely, despite life’s hardships, I loved life and I loved being around people. As I have said before, I will choose people I love over books any day. In school, my close friends and I preferred other characters like Ron, Harry and Luna. I think I recall wearing a shirt with something to do with Luna Lovegood when I watched the films with my friends. Now, imagine my horror when I discovered the internet and realised that people… actually loved Hermione, nay, worshipped Hermione, and saw no faults despite there being plenty in abundance.

Now, I understand how easy it must be to romanticise a character when you are finally greeted with one that you can relate to. Introverted bookworms were able to find comfort in a character who, with J.K. Rowling’s help, was catapulted into superstardom for the very traits they shared with Hermione. But far too much so as it resulted in a blanket ban on anyone who disagreed with Hermione’s actions regardless of how clearly wrong they were. One could go so far as to call it a ‘rabid fandom.’ However, lately, I am seeing a shift in people’s perspectives. As people have grown out of who they were some no longer relate to Hermione as they used to. And others, thank God, are rightly outright calling out how much of a trash being Hermione Granger really was and, given the fact that Hermione Granger is the self-insert of the deeply problematic J.K. Rowling, remains so. So, therefore, I come here as a messenger to serve some tea and shine a light on the various ways that Hermione Granger is pure trash.

  1. Hermione Emotionally Abuses Ron in Prisoner of Azkaban
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Hermione knows full well that Crookshanks attacked Ron to get at Scabbers. Crookshanks repeatedly seeks out Scabbers which results in Scabbers having to hide from Crookshanks. And, yet, knowing full well that this is causing both physical and emotional distress to Ron, Hermione continues to make excuses for Crookshanks. And, surprise, surprise, Scabbers turns out to be Peter Pettigrew and it is all neatly explained away, but it doesn’t change the fact that before finding out who Scabbers actually is, Hermione was perfectly fine to cause Ron emotional pain and I’m not granting her any excuses. And, in typical Hermione Granger fashion, she doesn’t apologise.

  1. Hermione Locks Journalist Rita Skeeter in a Jar, in Solitary Confinement, For a Week

Rita Skeeter invaded their privacy which is a criminal violation, and I’m not excusing this at all because it is illegal, but Hermione Granger locking a human being in solitary confinement for a week is not a proportional retaliation especially in the same book where she is advocating for better treatment and the freedom (including speech) of elves. A week. Goddamn, a whole bloody week.

  1. SPEW and the Case of Hermione Granger Thinking She Knows Best

Ron’s response was the rational one  – which is not unbelievable as upon serious reflection he’s the most rational one of the three, fuck your book smarts, I’d rather be friends with someone who’s got common sense. Ron understood that elves have been abused and have not been granted their rights, but he also understands that Hogwarts affords elves with a healthy, respectful and satisfying working conditions and environment. Brightest witch of her age and she can’t recognise that the elves at Hogwarts are happy with the exception of Winky who I perfectly agree that she was right to advocate for.

  1. Hermione Beauty Shames Fleur Delacour
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Hermione became seriously annoyed when boys at Hogwarts finds Fleur beautiful. Fleur is beautiful, naturally they would find her attractive! If you met Angelina Jolie before she was famous and without knowing anything about her, would you be completely baffled that people find her attractive? Were you not pleased to find that Krum found you attractive, but wait, because you spend time in the library is it only justified to like someone because… books? Bitch, Fleur is the Beauxbatons Triwizard champion. Fleur is the only one who caused the least mess in that first challenge by putting the dragon with a sleeping spell therefore not causing the dragon harm unlike the others who made a serious mess of it all. Boy, you must be out of your mind to think she is dumb. Now, I dislike Molly and Ginny for doing the same too, it was completely uncalled for, it’s not Fleur’s fault that you girls aren’t as pretty as her. But, et tu, Hermione? You, who thinks she’s Miss Mother Holier Than Thou?

  1. Hermione Permanently Scars Marietta For Life For Choosing Her Mother Over a Club

I remember when I read this scene and I was so disgusted and repulsed by Hermione. Pimples is nothing? That left scars that never fully healed, and Hermione shrunk her own teeth, so let’s not pretend that she doesn’t give a shit about physical appearances. And that’s her mother, yer dumb fuck, obviously she’s going to choose her own mother who brought her up, who most likely loves her more than anybody in the world, and you’re going to pull this dumb-fuckery? So-called “brightest witch of her age” but resorts to a punitive measure because why make a preventative measure, it is not like that is more humane! She didn’t even tell them that there are fucking rules to joining this club! No warning given whatsoever. Even Cho, our rational Ravenclaw, points this out.

This is the same book where Umbridge scars Harry. What does it matter if your ideals are different if your methods are the same?


Hermione is highly, highly fortunate that she is granted plot armour by her demon mother Rowling, who, by the by, shows no remorse… check out her taunting Marietta on Pottermore in the vein of snitches get stitches. Rowling excuses Hermione saying people would have joined anyway. No, they would not have, and it is still so very, painfully, obviously wrong to have people sign up for a club without telling them that there are terms and conditions! I would highly recommend Rowling taking three semesters of British Contract Law. And then again, she excuses Hermione saying that Marietta would have betrayed other people so it’s justifiable to scar her for life and that Marietta was basically useless for Dumbledore’s Army anyway.

If Hermione pulled this shit in a normal school, especially if she went to my school which is an all girls’ school in East London, this bitch would have got fully wrecked. How is that appropriate, how does that make me different to Hermione? It makes it different because it is self-defence which is legal. She is lucky Marietta is clearly sweet, because I can’t say the same for myself, I would have decked the living daylights out of Hermione if she physically scarred me for life.

And if that alone isn’t enough for you, you are a lost cause. I’m not applying this to younger readers, I know they will learn as they age, but if you’re above 18 and you think this shit is okay, for real, then move. Also, this scene is completely cut out from the films which is very telling, but book readers you guys do know what really happened and you’re on a mad one if you forgot something like that.

  1. In the Same Book, She is Completely Insensitive to Harry’s Trauma

She whisks Harry off from his date to interview for Rita Skeeter, without asking his permission or warning him, telling a traumatised Harry that he absolutely has to divulge what happened in that graveyard. Are you dumb? Brightest witch of her age but she couldn’t learn sensitivity if she took a lifetimes worth of semesters on it.

  1. Becoming Ever More Violent, Hermione Sets Canaries on Ron Because She Feels Entitled to Him

And this isn’t fucking lightly. The birds pecked away at his skin and Ron had to shield his face and it took a whole damn week for the scars to go away. If Ron had done this, would he have made it in the best female characters lists? Last I remembered, Hermione took the no. 2 spot right below Jane Eyre. As if! She couldn’t get anywhere near dear Jane who is infinitely superior to her! If Ron did this, would he still be your beloved favourite? No. He would be hated for life. So, why are you not applying this principle to Hermione which as we learn that she doesn’t learn from?


Consider the difference in reactions. Ron was jealous when Hermione attended the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum. Sure, he scowled and frowned and moaned a lot… but, it’s a human reaction, especially for a teen. Hermione, Miss Entitled of House My Way or the Highway, reacted to her jealousy with violence! Point out the difference to me and tell me who was more rational? I have so much respect for Ron now. I’m not even going to bother adding that Hermione didn’t communicate her feelings to Ron because none of it bloody matters. You don’t violently attack someone just because he kisses somebody else. And y’all are just glossing over this like it’s nothing? Like “yeah that was really bad, anyway moving on.” Boy, are you out of your damn mind? Pathetic. Or as George Knightley aptly puts it: “It’s better to be without wits than to apply them as you do.”

Again, it’s very telling that this scene is heavily changed in the films. But, some of us haven’t forgotten, Rowling, you spawn of Satan.

  1. AGAIN, Physically Attacks Ron in Deathly Hallows

Bitch ain’t learned shit. “I haven’t ruled out the canaries.” The fuck? The actual fuck? And it’s passed off like haha, so funny, what a joke. Ron is so scared of her that he goes on to just agree with everything Hermione says. Poor Ron. #freemyboyRon from this toxic relationship because let’s be honest, that marriage would be filled with physical threats from Hermione and even in the films she is casually just hitting her friends all the time. And this coming from a woman, Rowling, who has suffered from domestic violence herself. The sheer fucking irony and audacity.

image courtesy of uncorked thoughts

Ron is funny as well, and Hermione Granger doesn’t have a single funny bone. She is the exact opposite, she’s a total nag! Like, really, you want to hang out with her? And we all know how they stole Ron’s moments and transferred them to Hermione instead because the director is ready to lick her arse as and when Hermione permits which she probably would because she loves subservience, doesn’t she? Ron deserved better than Hermione, for God’s sake, it is not the other way around. It’s very telling as well that this scene was modified in the films, so she was only hitting him with a bag. Again, some of us haven’t forgotten.

  1. Hermione Would Look Down on You if She Saw What Books You Were Reading

PSA: being a bookworm is not a personality trait. What is more telling of taste and character is the genre you read and the characters you support. Hermione reads purely non-fiction. She found children’s tales and myths to be silly. She prefers hard facts not fiction. BRO, she would look down on you. Maybe not me because I have an eclectic taste in books, but for the rest of you who are reading science fiction, fantasy and YA, she wouldn’t think highly of you. And that’s the reason you started loving her and yet she would look down on you. IRONIC. If you are to love a bookworm, how about Matilda? She reads fiction.

  1. Since When Did Being a Bookworm and Getting Good Grades Become the Barometer For Righteousness and Goodness?

Does this grant her license to commit such heinous acts? You don’t need good grades to know that it is your actions and your choices that reflect who you are and not your abilities and remember Dumbledore drilled this into you, so reflect.

Hermione Granger doesn’t deserve a space on any best female character’s list, Hermione Granger doesn’t deserve Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger does not deserve any passes for her gross misconduct. Nay, the only thing Hermione deserves is a cell in Azkaban because that girl is a criminal. And, worst of all? None of her crimes were anywhere near justifiable.

Thank you, J. K. Rowling, but I can tell the wrong sort for myself, thanks.

I don’t want to hear any shit about what Ginny did because Hermione’s actions were repeatedly far worse. I don’t condone Ginny Weasley hexing people just because they’re asking questions, that was seriously dumb and not at all heroic on her part. And y’all saying she hated Fleur and called her “phlegm” like Hermione wasn’t laughing and beauty shaming Fleur from the start. Y’all donny’s have some funny selective amnesia. Ginny wasn’t right for the crap she said to Ron either, but Ron was coming for her and it’s a human reaction to be angry. It’s not Ginny’s fault that she is popular and that characters find her funny, heck I struggle understanding sarcasm, but I found the banter she shared with Harry funny. Or you’re salty because Harry didn’t end up with Hermione because why not push him into what would be a very, ridiculously boring relationship like he hasn’t suffered all his life already. But, here’s the difference between Ginny and Hermione fans… we can call Ginny out on it, but all you have is lots of excuses for Hermione and her sociopathis actions instead of allowing her to take some responsibility which would actually help. Did you know that you can like a character and still disagree with their actions?

mr knightley

If you want to revere a smart character from the series who is genuinely good and a wholesome bean, have you considered Luna Lovegood? Luna is smart, she is open-minded, a superb Quidditch commentator, so wonderfully kind, and yeah, like Hermione she’s awkward, but Luna is so far from insensitive and violent. I have heard tale that Luna may be on the spectrum and she is the most humane of all the characters. And she’s an Aquarius and have you ever met a female Aquarius that you didn’t like? Oprah Winfrey is an Aquarius. Get you a fave like Luna Lovegood not a toxic one like Hermione Granger.


I have to be honest, I am deeply disappointed in female Gryffindorians that I don’t even feel like I can identify with my own house anymore. I hate to say that the male Gryffindors are infinitely better than their female counterparts. Although I tend to get Slytherin as my rising house and the last time I did one of those Buzzfeed quizzes I got Slytherin and Gryffindor as a tie, I don’t want to form a hybrid with Slytherin. Ravenclaw is such a mixed bag because while I like Ravenclaw characters like Cho and Luna, I feel as though real life Ravenclaw’s can be very different from one another. Some are smart, and some don’t tend to speak a lot of sense as you would expect a Ravenclaw to. Hufflepuff, dear Hufflepuff’s, truly are the sanest and most grounded. Therefore, I’m now a Hufflepuff and Gryffindor hybrid, a proud Griffinpuff.

By Sophia Ismaa

What are your thoughts on Hermione Granger? Which character do you think deserves the ‘best in the series’ title instead? Let me know in the comments.

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    1. Thank you, I really appreciate that because I am aware people will hate me for popping them out of their bubble.

      But… you cannot be supporting a physically abusive character, end of. And thank you, once again. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. i believe you are wrong. it kinda hurt my feelings by you saying that, i have anger issues and i have abused someone, but i find hermione a bit too abuse for no reason, i can relate to Ginny, i can be rude, but hermione, send bird bc you like someone and they snogged somone else, thats why MY favourite character is Ginny


      2. I really love how you describe the flaws of this particular character,which is totally overrated,and wrongly set as a good example for independent and string women.

        When I was reading book two I found her out to be a little less annoying (perhaps because of the fact she actually helped out and was not really present during the critical events in the final part of the narrative), but when I reached the fifth book I totally agree with you in the point of Marietta’s face, that was completely traumatizing.

        I also disliked the fact that she looks down on Luna just because she is original and funny and ,I must say super cool and kind hearted person.

        I think that we could also add to this post how miss I’m the genius super-perfect-one,in book six gets so mad when Harry achieves better than her in potions. Of course thanks to Snape’s book,but anyways,Harry managed to get his best and succeed and was happy for once in potions, and she was making such a fuss for a small thing,when supposedly she was mature enough to trust in her own skills regardless of grades.
        Great post, cheers,and long live Luna Lovegood.


        1. I think Hermione has her own set of strengths and flaws.

          Scarring Marietta was definitely a traumatising moment for Marietta .8 can understand Hermione’s fear because she would be one of the biggest targets now that Voldemort has returned and she wants everyone to be prepared to fight him. I really don’t agree with acne being used a punishment, it sets a really bad impression on young readers who have acne.

          I would say Hermione is very scientific and Luna thinks more outside the box, they are just incompatible.

          I think it’s understandable that Hermione was jealous. She was following the rules and Harry was beating her in potions. She’s competitive, it’s a natural emotion to feel.


  1. Believe it or not, you’ve made me want to read those bloody books once and for all!
    Thing is, I have something in common with her: I hate reading fiction (and I can see why you would think it makes her seem condescending lol)
    Just like Moyatori, I love the passion and energy you put into your posts (and your beliefs in general). I don’t know if your blog gets a lot of views, but it deserves even more!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Boy, you will hate Hermione with her sociopathic and narcissistic actions.

      There’s nothing wrong with reading non-fiction, I don’t believe any genre to be superior to the other… but to love a character and excuse anything she does because she’s a bookworm when all she reads is non-fiction and that person mostly reads fiction like Hermione won’t look down on them is the personification of “congratulations, you played yourself.”

      This one won’t get much views because like Hermione, Hermione fans tend to ignore any sense or criticism, but the few who do and realise what Hermione actually is – well, they’re the true good ones. But otherwise I feel like my views are pretty good for a small blogger and if it were to increase I’d rather it be slow and steady because I couldn’t hack it. 😂

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  2. Very valid points here! Hermione has become such a hyped up character, when really she’s pretty messed up! I was in disbelief while reading the books and reading about everything she’d done. And the movies paint her as picture-perfect, flawless and can do no wrong. I’ve never been able to call her my favourite character because of it. I much prefer Luna and Ginny. Great post!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think people see Hermione in themselves because she’s introverted, reads books and gets good grades as if any of these things are definite characteristics of a good person so they excuse her messed up actions. They erased her flaws in the films because they knew the bad overweighs the good by a mile. I’m so glad to see that you are actually a sane person! Thank you and yay, team Luna and Ginny! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. 🙂

      I was worried at first and then I remembered that I’m not the one supporting a character with sociopathic tendencies who permanently physically disfigured a students face because she had the nerve to choose her mother over a club… some demon must have possessed their minds to still love a character who, given the fact is Rowling’s self-insert, shows no remorse over it. I can understand if you romanticised a character at first but at a big boy age one cannot be supporting a character like that.

      Also, on Quora home of the TrueNerds™ and in-depth research and analysis of fantasy, Hermione is not a popular character so I’m definitely not alone in this. In Quora 2018, we no longer support physically and emotionally abusive characters. I pray hope that WordPress can reach that level of woke one day.

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  3. When I was reading Harry Potter, there was always something about Hermione that bothers me but I couldn’t exactly make out what. All of my friends love her (I don’t think they read but that have seen the movie), so I was really confused. I’ve tried to like Hermione, I’ve tried to focus on her good side but couldn’t.

    I totally agree with you on the SPEW thing, Sophia. It really disturbed me, I didn’t like The Goblet of Fire much, probably because of that. Maybe my friends like Hermione because they like Emma Watson. Well, I’m not a fan of Emma Watson either, all of her favorites character in fiction are the ones that I hate the most: Hermione, Belle (in Beauty & The Beast).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hermione in the films is almost a completely different person in the books, she’s pretty much a Mary Sue (think Heidi and Little Princess) in the films. While I didn’t like her I the books, I would rather they show that even someone who wants good can do bad things. But I think like you said, Emma Watson is considered very attractive and I think some of that plays into it… I also think more people feel this way about Hermione, but may be scared because of how revered she is? And, yes, I agree, people like Belle because books apparently equals good 🤦‍♀️ Your tastes do not define you, your choices and your perspectives define you.

      It’s the question of whether the bad overweighs the good, and for us it does. I think it must be down to developed Ne that we are able to process this more clearly and both Ti and Fi can have strong moral principles. Your inferior Fe stops you from going along with what everyone says & my Fi is too high to be okay with the things she does. The SPEW business, if she had listened to Ron, could have been dealt with better. She’s right to campaign for Winky and Kreacher (I loved this about Hermione) but she also needs to understand that her reasoning doesn’t apply to elves at Hogwarts that are already free and there by choice. You can’t free those who are free and especially through using socks! She doesn’t listen. That’s the problem. I’d love a character even if she was so flawed… as long as she listens and learns. But Hermione doesn’t because she never thinks she is wrong. These are the kind of people that are terrifying to come across in real life. Realistically, she would not be the kind of person that people like in real life. I’ve met Hermione’s of this world… hardly anyone likes them.

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  4. Hermione’s never been my favourite character and you make a good point about her faults never being focused on. I actually agree with you about #3- I found it really annoying that she got so involved in the cause, but wouldn’t listen to what actual house elves had to say. Ah yeah, that’s fair about her beauty shaming Fleur. I will admit to finding it hard to have sympathy for Rita Skeeter- though you are right 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Rowling self-inserted herself to the point of excusing her own faults which is why basing a character on yourself should be treated with caution.

      Yup, how can you serve the elves when you won’t even listen to them? It doesn’t take a lot to realise that the house elves at Hogwarts (except Winky) are happy. 🤦‍♀️

      I think I saw on Quoran that Hermione’s jealousy was rooted in her attraction to Ron, but still… you cannot deny that Fleur is smart, she’s a champion!

      I feel you on that, Skeeter was annoying. I’ve also thought that perhaps her imprisonment of Skeeter could be considered a future plot device Rowling wished to use in OotP. But it still shouldn’t have been passed off like it’s okay to lock someone in a jar when the alternative is handing her over to the authorities for breaking the law for being an unregistered animagus.


  5. I can’t say I disagree and I can’t say I agree either. I don’t mind Hermione’s character and to be honest I never looked at her the way you do? I guess we all see the world in different ways.

    Even so, you made a really strong argument and even made me see your side of the point 👍👏. I’m actually a Ravenclaw and Griffindor though I’ve always like my Ravenclaw side more (why I have no idea even though I take pride in being a dare devil haha). I agree with point 7 though I don’t know if it’s the same way you see it? The way I see it, she wants Ron, Ron’s dating another girl she gets annoyed because she likes him and wants him to like her back. I mean FOR GOD’S SAKE GIRL! Just tell the guy how you feel! 🤦‍♀️

    Anyways, hope you’re having a great time 🙂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I get why you like Hermione, she does have some good traits like fighting on behalf of Kreacher (I loved that, she showed a lot of empathy there) so I get that. For me, the bad overweighs the good, I just cannot condone physical violence especially one where the results are permanent. It would be one thing if Hermione came to understand that she can’t enforce a black and white punishment in a grey situation (which she created), apologised and learned. That would have shown growth. But I do also think it shows us more of the kind of person that Rowling is. That woman gives me the creeps.

      And yep, lol, just tell him! It would have turned out so different! If I was in Ginny’s place though, I wouldn’t let the girl who attacked my brother be in a relationship with him. Imagine if a guy physically attacks our little sister for having the nerve to kiss someone else when they aren’t even in a relationship. Boy, we would lose it!

      And you too, lovely! 🙂 ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is so true if someone ever dared mess with my little sister… I would become furious!! Even more that Hulk (and that’s saying something) I guess I understand your point of view now and it does make sense I guess now that you put it that way 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s how I try to think, if it was our sisters, what would we do? And equally if our sisters were doing said terrible things, we would tell them straight that what they did was wrong because how else will they learn? 🙂

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  6. I mean some bookworms can be entitled and narassacist i know because of my cousin and shes like 13. For me I’m a bookworm but not as complicated as hermonie and my cousin. Watching and reading the book and the movie she was problematic and I’ve noticed she made Ron feel stupid or it could be me just me. I think that’s why I like Luna because she accepts everyone and a bit weird and has a weird fashion which I could relate too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh dear, can I ask what makes you think your cousin is a narcissist? (Out of curiosity).

      I think she was just fine in the films, more good than bad, but in the books, I have to agree because my dislike outweighs my liking for her. She not only made Ron feel stupid but Luna too, both to their faces. Ron is insecure and overshadowed by his siblings so a more tactful and considerate person would have been nicer, and Luna… Luna was being bullied anyway, and Hermione was rude to Luna’s face – that’s engaging in bullying. Luna is very open-minded, we could all do better by being more like Luna. 🙂 I have to disagree about her fashion choices though because I thought her dress sense was amazing, eclectic and fun!


      1. The reason why nobody liked heromine is that she’s a know-it-all nobody likes a know-it-all. Even Snape said to her face once, you could a brilliant and smart person but not a know-it-all. Gryffindors are known for being arrogant and that’s why I don’t like grffindor. I’m more Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Luna was sweet, kind and accepting and look at Cedric he was a really good hard-working student yet humble that’s why loved him same thing with luna, Nevil, and Ron. What I’m trying to say is that you could be a know it all but don’t people like shit and hermomine didn’t do that. And my cousin is a know it all and I’ve notice people tend to read a book( not all I read books too) could be a know it all and they think they are different.

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        1. I do believe sometimes people forget to translate what they know about characters into their real life, and when you apply it with that in mind, you’ll find that a know-it-all who flaunts their knowledge would be considered arrogant and interestingly, arrogance is a turn-off for many. There’s a difference between being confident and being arrogant, however, I will say that when it comes to book knowledge, Hermione’s approach to demonstrating her academic knowledge becomes significantly better.

          I am a Gryffindor. I debated whether or not I should class myself as one considering how disappointed I was in certain Gryffindors. However, there are good Gryffindors like Neville and Ron, and like it or not, my personality traits are closest to Gryffindor and courage is the trait I most admire, and lack of courage is my biggest turn-off. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves that house has nothing to do with personality, it is the person themselves we should judge. Judge individuals, not the group. I was grappling with Hufflepuff and considering sorting myself into the house, but it seems only Quoran Hufflepuff’s will speak out against injustice (Harry Potter related injustice). I do find that, other than yourself, Hufflepuff’s will only speak up if everybody else is speaking up already. They would usually choose pick doing what people would want them to do or because they worry about what people think of them over doing and saying what is the right thing to do. Ironically, it’s this that will make others lose respect for them. However, it would be unfair of me to judge a Hufflepuff based on certain Hufflepuff’s, just like it would be unfair for others to judge the whole of Gryffindor house based on a few Gryffindors. Most Ravenclaw’s tend to like Hermione too, only one Ravenclaw I’ve come across doesn’t. Which makes me doubt that most of them are Ravenclaws because it is Ravenclaw’s who actually showed that they didn’t approve of some of the things Hermione did.

          I have to agree with you on the fact that some book readers do look down on people who don’t read. I mean books are great, but real life teaches you more than books will. Unless, of course, those books are textbooks lol.


    1. Hermione’s flaws = intellectual snobbery, need to be right.

      Scarring Marietta’s face for life = violent criminal act. Same as Umbridge scarring Harry for life, but we don’t call it a ‘flaw’ when Umbridge does it, we call it an abuse of power.

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, I was shocked to see people rooting for Hermione attacking Ron and then I remembered that she did other problematic things, so, welp, this post happened. Thanks for reading, Adina! 🙂


    1. Thank you for the nomination, I really appreciate that you nominated me, but I don’t do award posts anymore. But… I remember discussing with you earlier on the year that I’d love to interview you for my blog, so hopefully we can team up for that! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I think that bitch is only popular because JK describes her as if she is a saint. I love you for this and all I want right now is to kiss you! I’ve never liked Hermione and if the books weren’t written from JK/Harry’s perspective, no one would have liked her. JK says she hates Pansy because she represents the girls who bullied her at school and she describes her as ‘the anti-Hermione’. I am not a fan of Pansy but do you see how ironic this is? Personally, my favourite character is Bellatrix but unlike Hermione fans, I don’t ignore her flaws and it maddens me when she is bashed for the same reasons Hermione is praised! Just because Hermione didn’t murder anyone and was one of the main characters, she gets a pass. When Bellatrix tortured Hermione, I was genuinely happy. Bitch deserved it and much worse for what she did to Marietta and the rest. Marietta is barely even mentioned but I love her! I love Fleur and I don’t understand how could anyone hate her. She is so very sweet and she tries her best to be nice unlike Hermione. I felt so sorry for her in the beginning of HBP! Fleur Delacour had a heart of gold unlike that bitch Hermione! She got so much shit from the girl. I blame Rowling for her popularity. The author’s wording has a lot of impact on how readers perceive the character and if I had written Harry Potter, Hermione would have been as popular as dear Dolores! I think the best female character (other than Bellatrix) was Nymphadora Tonks. She was intelligent, had a sense of humor and wasn’t an obnoxious piece of shit like Hermione. I wish she was more popular!


    1. She’s popular because she’s the BEST CHARACTER OF THE BOOK! Don’t be agreeing with this stupid twat! She clearly is someone who’s deflecting real life with a fictional character. Hermoine is the bitch you don’t play with cuz you will get burned. Act stupid? Get burned! Sorry you idiots don’t like to give people a dose of their own medicine.


      1. “She clearly is someone who’s deflecting real life with a fictional character.” Says you, unknown girl without a blog who took the time and energy to comment on a fictional character herself.


    2. I think that if I hadn’t read about her assault on Ron and scarring Marietta’s face for life, she’d actually be one of my favourite characters. I like her, but there are some worrying flaws in her character that point towards a trend in violent retribution. Tbh, my beef is mainly with J. K. Rowling, she seems to think that a man must be physically and emotionally subdued to be worthy of someone like her own self, it demonstrates feelings grandiosity and self-delusion, and tbh, narcissism. J. K. Rowling is our real life Daenerys, we cheered her on for so long that she began to think that she can do no wrong. I can understand her anger towards her bullies, but I just feel like it’s been decades now, I got bullied too, but I can’t hold on to that forever because they were children too, it would be different if they were the same people or the bullies were adults. Yeah, JKR is a scary woman. She handled Hermione with rose tinted glasses, there’s something worrying about someone who can barely perceive any flaws in them self that directly harm others. Hermione is a fascinating character regardless though, a character we don’t see often.


      1. I only agree with the marietta edgecomb one what hermione did was bit too much even though she got her scars removed after the war it was still a bit messed up but ron mentally abused hermione too I don’t think its a big deal because they were teens who didn’t know how to handle emotions so I definitely disagree that it wasn’t abuse


        1. I am yet to see any proof that Ron mentally abused Hermione. No name-calling, silent treatment, no manipulation, no gaslighting.. mental abuse has a category of indicators of abuse.


  8. Thank you so much for this. I’ve always felt alone in the fandom for despising Hermione.
    “Without Hermione, Harry and Ron ….”
    I hate the fact people put Harry and Ron down to show how “great” Hermione is.
    Yeah, a pretentious and condescending person isn’t my favorite.
    Without Harry and Ron, she wouldn’t have any friends.


    1. The trio represent the head, heart and guts trio which tells us how prized all of these traits are… not just the ‘head’ which Hermione represents. Hermione benefits from the friendship just as much as Ron and Harry do, but sadly that nuance got lost in translation.


  9. Agreed! I was with you on all points until you started defending Ginny though.. they’re both awful! I don’t need to pick bewteen two evils when there’s plenty of other characters..


  10. You’re my hero! It’s very hard to find people that don’t worship saint Hermione. I mean, I don’t hate her and I disagree with some of the points you made, but she’s so overrated and I hate how Harry and Ron are constantly being bashed by her stans who consider than inferior to her because they aren’t as brilliant as her. They love to say the boys would be dead without her like it was a shame to need help from your friends sometimes and as if Hermione herself didn’t need Harry and Ron, too. She’s also depicted as superior to the other girl of Hogwarts because she isn’t interested in girly things like makeup and clothes or in futile things like divination. Besides, she worries more about her grades than about her looks and boys. Shame on Parvati and Lavender for being teenage girls that like teenage things, I guess. But Hermione isn’t the only character to be treated like that, Ginny is also depicted as she was above everyone else because she’s funny, smart, she likes quidditch and she’s the beautiful girl of the school. She’s the stereotypical “cool girl”. But we can’t say anything bad about them without being attacked by the fandom because they are feminist icons (especially Hermione) and according to them if you don’t think they are “strong and badass” that’s because you’ve only read the books. That’s how this fandom works.
    I love Luna, too! She’s a lovely, amazing character. My favorite from this book series! I’m glad you wrote about her!


    1. Thank you! I don’t agree with some of the points I’ve made here either, rereading has forced me to reconsider certain perspectives as objectively as was possible. The trio work well because they’re a trio, each bring their own skill set and varying experiences that allows the trio to function as a whole. The boys do need Hermione, just as much as Hermione needs them. Hermione isn’t adaptable and quick on her feet unless the task requires rote memorisation, unlike Ron and Harry. Similarly, Harry and Ron do not operate on Hermione’s level of academic knowledge and critical thinking skills.

      I think it’s particularly telling that JKR made the only girls who were “not like other girls” (Hermione, Ginny and Luna) as the appealing characters. Rowling certainly suffers from internalised misogyny. It is bewildering that Parvati and Lavender were ostracised for behaving how normal girls behave! I personally wouldn’t have minded that Hermione and Ginny were hailed as feminist icons if only other female characters were given their just due, but I’m wary of the type of woman you have to be to be classed as worthy and “badass.” I love Luna, I don’t think she fits into the traditional feminine or masculine standards, Luna is in a league of her own. But it is telling that Luna still has to be relatively divorced from her femininity to be portrayed with compassion and worthiness to be revered. Thank you for reading!


  11. Also you’ve made a very good point about Hermione preference for non fictional books. It’s ironic that so many people identify with her for being bookworms even if most of them prefer reading fantasy stories like Harry Potter.
    That’s why I’m annoyed Emma Watson was chose to play Belle in the live action of Beauty and the Beast. It’s obviously that people can’t separate the two characters and think they’re the same person just because they’re two girls that like to read. Belle herself reads fictional stories and is a an imaginative dreamer, while Hermione is logical, rational and down to earth. Belle is also more sweet and kind than Hermione. I have nothing against Watson, but I don’t think she even struggled to differentiate the two characters because, just like the fans, she thinks they’re basically the same girl. She turned the live action Belle into an annoying Mary Sue.


    1. Hermione wasn’t fond of the Tales of Beedle of the Bard which should have been a window into the type of books Hermione is interested in. Which is why I can’t seem to comprehend the need to identify with other bookworms in books. Reading books does not make for relatability. Matilda is perhaps one of the few bookworms who is relatable for her interest in a variety of book genres. Hermione would definitely scoff at readers who read fiction, especially fantasy. It isn’t particularly a bad thing in itself, I’m sure we all do that in some way, but I can’t get behind relating to a character simply because she reads books even if she doesn’t read the same genres as you do.

      I have no knowledge of Beauty and the Beast to comment, I haven’t yet watched the film and I don’t plan to. I do think Emma Watson, on the other hand, does read from across various genres, so if that’s the case, there’s at least a certain level of Emma Watson being able to relate to Belle, but not entirely. To be fair, I do think because Emma Watson played Hermione for such an incredible amount of time, it would only be natural for her to bond with Hermione similar to the way Emilia Clarke found strength in Daenerys.


  12. I know it’s my third comment, I’m sorry, but I forgot to say that, for some reason, I find Hermione much more likable in the Sorcerer’s Stone and in the Chamber of Secrets than she was in the posterior books. I don’t know why. But from the third book onwards she seems to become less and less interesting to me. Which is weird because Rowling obviously struggles to make us love her. She almost begs us to like Hermione just a little bit more.


    1. I love Hermione in the first three books, couldn’t agree with you more. Hermione was given a character arc and the development that she needed, from breaking the rules, to learning to say sorry, recognising her flaws and working on them. I think, in large part, that is a result of JKR identifying so closely to Hermione that she no longer wanted to allow Hermione to develop as a character, and, in that way, it becomes difficult to separate Rowling from Hermione because she very much projects herself into Hermione.


  13. I totally agree, what hurts me the most is how the fandom usually goes against Ron and not against Hermione.

    I find it worrying that people think that because a man makes mistakes, then he does not deserve to be loved, I like Ron’s character because he shows us a human being who is not perfect and who has always been underestimated but knows recognize that you are wrong.

    On the other hand, my problem with Hermione is that it is never recognized that she is also wrong, they put her as too perfect and that she is not wrong when she is not, in addition to being extremely violent. If I didn’t have those two traits I’d probably like more.

    By the way Luna is also my favorite.


    1. I agree. And I think much of the backlash Hermione receives is because of the backlash Ron receives.

      Ron was the only character to have a fully developed and fleshed out character which most characters didn’t share the privilege to, much of this is because of JKR’s personal problems with the man she had based Ron’s character on for not appreciating her enough which is just… slightly pathetic tbh and femcel like. Well, unwittingly, JKR gave us a character who can actually own up to his mistakes and sadly some mistakes he didn’t actually commit because of the abusive treatment he received.

      Nice to find another Luna fan!


  14. I’m rereading Harry Potter for the time as an adult and trying to understand the characters and story with more complexity. This was such an interesting article to read to help get me into a different mindset.

    I agree with some of the points you’ve made, especially the one about Rita Skeeter! I always really hated her for writing that article about Hagrid because he was my favourite character.

    I think some of the points you’ve made were exaggerated. I don’t think Hermione would judge someone for reading fiction, I think she judges people for reading conspiracy theories.


    1. I’d say we were definitely more impressionable reading Harry Potter at a young age. In a way, we sort of adopted J. K. Rowling’s beliefs as well.

      Hagrid wasn’t my favourite. He should not have, at his age of 60, attacked a defenceless 11-year-old child because his father was disrespectful. But, I guess, it’s a children’s book, so it would naturally be more exaggerated.

      I have already covered this in another post and stated that Hermione would judge people for reading conspiracy theories, and I totally agree with her right to that, but I don’t think it’s really the be-all and end-all because it’s not like she hates Luna. She just disagrees with her ideas.


  15. You made some good points. I do like Hermione though. I’m not like a stan but I liked that she had faults. Now that I’m 15 years removed from the book’s release I see how messed up the whole Marrietta thing was. Age does that to you I guess. The more I think about it the more I believe Hermione was more of a Slytherin, and her near hat stall was between those two houses and not Ravenclaw. She’s very much about the ends justifying the means which I personally don’t completely disagree with. But I’m not here to disagree with anything you said because the points you made were valid. Hopefully she changed with age.


    1. I agree. I like that she has both interesting strengths and flaws. I think the narrative of Marietta being “rightly punished” was forced down our throat JKR, but I do think many people, at a more mature age, will read it and think differently. Great point. Determination, cunning and ambition – that’s 100% Hermione. But I do see how she’s Ravenclaw too. She’s not like Luna, Hermione doesn’t think outside the box, but you can see clearly Hermione is more fact-based which seems to be a typical trait of Ravenclaws. If JKR has nothing to do with it, I’m sure Hermione turned out to be a pretty wonderful person.


  16. A lot of the reason behind Hermione’s popularity is due to how she was handled in the movies by contrast to the books and how her actress in said movies went from ugly duckling to beautiful swan starting with the third movie while her book counterpart stayed mostly an ugly duckling. Something I distinctly remember about the books is Hermione’s makeover.

    When the time came to adapt that for the movie it didn’t land because her actress had grown so pretty. With the book and only your imagination to guide you it’s easy to picture the transformation that a typical ugly nerd might go through if she just took the time to get a makeover.

    It’s the same reason why Mia’s makeover still lands in the Princess Diaries movie despite the hilarious handling of it. If her actress hadn’t been done up fugly for the part of the movie before the makeover it’d have had no impact.

    And I think the best thing you brought up was Hermione getting away with ruining Marietta’s life by scarring her the way she does. That was the moment that broke the camel’s back for me when it comes to not being a fan of Hermione. She could be the smartest person alive and I’d still hate her guts after that.

    I’ve often wished that less of the fanbase had fallen under Hermione’s spell because it makes reading Harry Potter fanfiction incredibly difficult since she’s almost never portrayed as anything less than a saint.


    1. Yes, I’m sure Emma Watson’s beauty did contribute to her popularity. Good point about Mia, Anne Hathaway was undeniably beautiful after her makeover.

      Looking back, objectively speaking, scarring Marietta’s face was an extreme reaction, and I don’t think it was responsible of JKR to make a point of acne being a punishment, especially when young girls are consuming the series. Subjectively speaking, with Hermione feeling so under attack, I can understand why she acted so extremely in response to her feeling her life could be threatened. The action itself was wrong, but I can understand Hermione’s fear, but it was misplaced fear towards someone who’s just as scared as her. I don’t think we can expect young people to always do what’s right, both Marietta and Hermione. You can like whichever character you like without justifying an action that is harmful. We would do it for ourselves, we can take accountability for our own actions and still recognise that we can become a better person from now on.


  17. I agree with the points you made. If anything, I’d like to add a few more more: In Hermione’s eyes, rules HAVE to be followed by everyone except her. If anyone breaks the rules, like you said, she feels it in her authority to punish them for it or make sure they confess and get punished. She, however, feels like she’s above the rules, that she understands their need and when they need to be broken to achieve a greater goal, but no one else could possibly have any good enough reason or the intelligence needed to do so.

    One thing that made me dislike movie Hermione a lot, was how much of Ron’s spotlight she stole. That wasn’t her fault, as I understand the directors had displayed a lot of favouritism towards her character, but one of Ron’s most important qualities that he brought to the trio was his knowledge of the magic world. Many times in the books it was Ron explaining a concept to a clueless Hermione and/or Harry and it made sense for it to be like that, considering he grew up surrounded by magic; that was one of his most useful characteristics in terms of things he contributed to the trio.

    That being said, I can’t say I hate her. Dislike? Yes, very much so, but she is a complex character with a lot of redeeming qualities as well as flaws. She is definitely not in my top 5 favourite characters, even Draco scoring higher than her, but I think that’s due to the fact that he is clearly situated on the “bad” side and it’s easy to find redeeming qualities about him, like it’s easy to find flaws in Hermione, considering she is placed on the “good” side.

    What pissed me off though, and contributed to my dislike for her, is the fandom treating her like a saint or any sort of role model. I never saw her as either when reading the books, I had things I liked about her and things I disliked, but I was very shocked to see people completely ignoring all the inexcusable things(and crimes) she has done.


    1. Yes, there is a level of hypocrisy with how Hermione regards rules, but, to be honest, I think that’s characteristic of a lot of people.

      It was such a shame to pass Ron’s best moments and his usefulness to the trio to Hermione. It reduced Ron to a comic relief which was extremely unfair.

      I actually quite like Hermione. She has her flaws, but, overall, her strength, intelligence and determination are wonderful qualities. She’s ruthless in getting what she wants and believes is the best outcome.

      I agree. It’s absolutely fine to like Hermione, but without acknowledging her flaws, she’s then reduced to a Mary Sue character. It’s perfectly acceptable to like a character and still accept they have flaws… because we are all human at the end of the day!


  18. Dear Sophia,
    I understand why you think about Hermione like this. She is unsensitive (but she is ISTJ!). She is doing horrible things. But I don’t understand why you are so emotional, like, all this “bitch” and “fuck” all over the text… It seems you are not an objective judge. I would say more, but I don’t have good command of English, so…


  19. I’m maybe late to the party, but you pretty much summed up the reasons why I never liked Hermione. I’m not really a fan of most of the Gryffindors either.


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