Personality Test: Get to Know Yourself!

Let’s have some fun,
This beat is sick.
I wanna take
A psychology quiz!

I’m a sucker for Buzzfeed quizzes, but this is by far my favourite psychology quiz ever and you can learn so much about yourself and another person when you do this personality test. Yes, it’s more of a personality test but… psychology quiz rhymes, so. I learnt about this test many, many years ago when I was working in a call centre, I was just transitioning from college to university and my colleague introduced me to it and I was wowed by the results because of how accurate it is. It certainly also helps that it’s only three questions! So, if you want to do this test, then grab a pen and paper and follow the instructions in the video below!

If you want to do more personality tests, click here to see me taking the MBTI test. Let me know what you think of my choices, what your results are and let’s compare in the comments below! (P.s. how adorable is the little one in the middle?)

FYI, both Denny and Jay have let me know that my comments have been appearing in their spam box. Now, I have no idea what’s been going on because I don’t even do spam likes, but I’m talking to the technicians to sort this out.

Sophski out.

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    1. Me to the crow: is it crack? Is that what you smoke? You smoke crack? 😔 can’t wait to see your answers, and don’t worry there’s only like 3 questions (don’t be fooled by the length even though we were fooling around). 😂


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