The Flawesome Award

Flawesome Award

Award post

It’s time to celebrate the flaws that make you awesome.

How many times do we see an award that celebrates all things bright and shiny and sunny in a person? How often do we forget that our weaknesses can be a strength? Our flaws make us human, our flaws tell us more about who we are, and in turn we turn those flaws into awesome strengths. In short, our flaws make us #flawesome.

After nearly a decade of Tyra Banks telling me to celebrate my flaws, I decided to create an award that celebrates our own flaws.


  1. Link back to the creator – Sophia Ismaa Writes
  2. Display the award
  3. List 3 flaws and turn it into a strength
  4. Tag 10 other people

3 Ways I Am Flawesome:

  1. I have a terrible attention span, but I excel in a crisis. I cried the other day because it took me two hours to read one chapter. I read numbers wrong/backwards sometimes. Detailed passages make my vision blurry at times. I had to zone back into lectures every 10-30 seconds. I used to leave the classroom in primary and secondary school when I was bored and it got so bad in secondary school that my Form Tutor had to install CCTV in his lab.  But do you know who is amazing in a crisis? Who doesn’t flinch but smiles for the Thorpe Park cameras on rollercoasters? Who is an excellent leader? Me! Because when I am interested and when I am put under pressure, both physically and mentally, I thrive. I see clearly. I direct well. Give me something I am genuinely interested in, and all attention is on deck.Flawesome Award
  2. I am blunt, but you can count on me to not tip-toe around the truth. Are you being a jerk? I will tell you. You’re sulking over someone who was never worth your time? I will tell you. Acting entitled? I will tell you. Your fave is problematic and you can’t see it? I will tell you. A social norm is stupid? I will tell you. I am not afraid to tell the truth. There is no bullshit on my premises. I know this can make people awkward and uncomfortable to be around me, but I’m confidently awkward. Because avoiding truths will not help you and I understand that it’s uncomfortable to hear but in the long-run, truth means acknowledging the problem and how can you solve the problem if you can’t acknowledge that there is a problem? Heart of a Gryffindor, mind of a Ravenclaw and the spirit of a Slytherin… and Hufflepuff sisters to ground me.giphy
  3. I have too many different interests, but I’m hardly ever bored. Curiosity woke up the cat and gave it 78 open google tabs but it sure made life all the more interesting. I like to write, blog, illustrate, dance, act, read, climb, do obstacle courses, or anything adrenaline-related, I like to gossip, have philosophical discussions, research psychology, business, marketing, strategy, astrology, MBTI. I like to play games: monopoly, charades, twister, card games… TBH, any games! And I especially love pranks. I am not afraid embrace life in its entirety. And while it might be exhausting for my family when I tell them I have an idea, they know that variety is the spice of life and life will have a triple dosage of spice around me.pranks

You’re nominated:

Bookish Wisps | Ayundahuwana’s Blog | not-so-modern girl | Isabella Hume | Musings by Shayne | lifesfinewhine | Crystal Girl | Dont Give a Jam | Cade Under Books | Le Curious Mug | Muted Mouthful | Shelfish for Books | Fiction No Chaser | A Fresh Outlook | Of All the Books in All the Libraries | A Redhead’s Rambling | A Qoder’s Blog | Hammock of Books | littlemisssunshine | TheWebWeavers

To all the bloggers I’ve nominated before, I love you but you & I both know that you don’t do awards… like ever. Again, no pressure to do the award and if you do, you can take your time. If you haven’t been nominated but want to do this, go right ahead and do it because I think we should all engage in self-love (and make sure to follow the rules I’ve set!).

Sophski out.

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  1. I can definitely relate to that attention span. It happens to me every time in class. The lessons are very interesting to the point that I can always think of something else related to that topic and it just continues and continues, and I just keep thinking and thinking. When I zoned back, class has already ended. Great. 😒

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In any case, at least, clearly, your mind has been stimulated so you know you enjoy the subject. That’s a plus, take note. 😉 For me, if I’m stimulated, I’m very overly focused but that happens rarely in the classroom lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loooove this tag! It’s so personal and I love how you get to reflect on your flaws that make you who you are ❤ Thank you for nominating me, I will try my best to do it as soon as possible 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for nominating me 🙂 !
    I loved your post btw and I can compleatly relate to the terrible attention spam and the too many interests! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is a brilliant idea for an award!
    I agree it’s your flaws that make who you are. Believe me, I really have the sunshine blogger award post in my drafts! 😛 😅

    Liked by 1 person

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