Unpopular Opinions – Sorry Not Sorry

The following post may cause offense to the reader and cause extreme indifference on my part. Please, proceed with caution.

Suffice to say, I’m feeling rather Rhett Butler-y.


Let’s ease you in to this, though.

  • Fish, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, olives, mayonnaise, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, coconut, and tomatoes are all delicious. Pizza is over-rated; it’s good but it isn’t the best.
  • Four Lions was a dumb film. I did not understand the humour at all, not a single bit. Dark humour is not funny. I only know one other person in the world who didn’t enjoy this film.
  • Scarface is better than The Godfather and Goodfellas. The Godfather is insanely slow, and Goodfellas is too fast-paced and insane and that freaks me out because it’s based on a true story. Scarface captured the pursuit of the American Dream extremely well. Consider Scarface the balance.
  • Exercising is fun! If you add variety to your workouts and try different types of workouts, it’s far more enjoyable. There are so many to pick from: cardio, functional, Pilates, yoga, dance, etc. Jogging, however, is so boring.
  • Cece and Schmidt (New Girl) do not make a lot of sense as a couple. And don’t tell me love doesn’t always make sense. Schmidt just goes on and on about Cece’s beauty, but my brother, she is way more than that. She’s kind, feisty, funny and an AMAZING FRIEND. It wouldn’t hurt to hear Cece described as something other than just “beautiful.” Also, Aly and Winston over Cece and Schmidt… they have a lot of fun together, not just physically.
  • Cersei is and has always been the true villain of Game of Thrones. Littlefinger is a close second but he is nowhere near as complex, bewildering, insane and impulsive as Cersei. The show would not be nearly as good without her.


  • Just because Khal Drogo wasn’t a cunt to Daenerys doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a cunt at all. He intended on raping the women of Westeros and expected his khalasar to follow suit.
  • There is zero chemistry between Jon and Daenerys. I have better chemistry with my neighbour who I never talk to.
  • Catelyn Stark deserved better than Ned. She advised Ned not to leave Winterfell, Bran not to climb, to not let Theon go to the Iron Islands and for Rob to keep his oath. She lost her life because of other people’s stupidity. Sure, she was wrong, so unbelievably wrong, to treat Jon the way she did but it’s Game of Thrones and they all have their own respective faults.
Credit: Tower of the Hawk
  • People who hate on Sansa Stark are highly problematic. Especially those who compare her to Margaery, Daenerys and Arya. Margaery came with the power of the Tyrell family, a grandmother ready to murder a king for her, a brother ready to defend her, army, gold and resources. These are all things that the Lannister’s relied on and risked losing by upsetting the Tyrell’s. “Daenerys fell in love with her rapist and Sansa killed hers.” (Saw this on @gaemofthrones via Instagram). And ENOUGH with the sibling rivalry! Would you really, truly enjoy being compared to your sister? Would you respect people who did? No. Siblings do not like this. If someone did this to me and my sister, I legit would want to slap you in the face. Arya would not have survived in Sansa’s position and Sansa would not have survived in Arya’s position. They were both given what they could handle and developed the talents that were best suited to them, Arya her fighting skills and Sansa her diplomacy. Both the pen and the sword have power, and together they make a formidable force. So, stop damn comparing. Jon is stupid, he fell for Ramsay’s trap after Sansa warned him not to, Sansa had to actively persuade Jon to her cause to win back Winterfell and she called in a favour that helped the Starks win back their home. We all wanted the Starks back in Winterfell and she gave it to us so what more do you want??? Those complaining about how her youth doesn’t “excuse” her are plain heartless. She was a child, I don’t care if Arya was a child and learned how to fight, it doesn’t change the fact that Sansa was a child, and a sheltered one at that. Ned died because of Ned. Ned was a grown up and Sansa wasn’t. She made her mistake and she learned from it. I have a young cousin who very much reminds me of Sansa and it makes me so angry to see the hate levelled at Sansa. Cersei, Daenerys and Arya would have acted impulsively if tasked with dealing with Littlefinger. Her caution is her power. She actually knows how to be a good administrator and deal with those under her power. Sansa Stark is AMAZING.
vanity fair
Credit: Vanity Fair
  • Indian patriotism borders on the extreme to the point it is already displaying fascist tendencies. Banning Pakistani artists from films? Outrage at Quantico portraying India in a not so great light but cheering films that have an us v the world mentality? India is not the only country in the world. Any dissenting opinion of India is treated with sheer rage so that some citizens must stay quiet and nod along with whichever dose and form of nationalism is prescribed to them. That’s not democracy, it is censorship.
  • You’re not “dramatic” just because you don’t put up with other people’s shit. People just don’t like being called out and are happy to accept less than sub-par treatment and you are not like that. Thank God. We need people who call people out. To improve situations, we first need to accept that there is a problem and that is not going to happen by standing by idly as if everything is fine when it is most certainly not.
  • “Content isn’t king, popularity is” – creatives edition (from Twitter). In addition, I’ve seen some posts where some people are so afraid to upset others at the risk of losing their popularity that they don’t end up saying anything at all. What exactly do you want me to read then that isn’t already being said? Also, I’ve seen some bloggers literally steal other smaller bloggers opinions and ideas and not give any credit? And I know some say that there are so many opinions swirling around but no mate, I’m talking about the opinion structure following the exact stream of thought. Idc, if they’re small, do the right thing otherwise you so damn small. (I’m not talking specifically about me as an example).
  • Salman Khan is a twat. Why aren’t people avoiding Salman Khan’s (Bollywood actor) films? He’s not your bhai, he’s not anybody’s “brother” either. This guy made this rape joke: “When I used to walk out of the ring, after the shoot, I used to feel like a raped woman.” How did this guy get away with killing a man? Salman Khan, please go and follow your own advice and “be human.”
  • Surprises are the worst, and that includes surprise parties. What if the person you are throwing it for arrives dressed in a way they’d rather not be dressed for a party in their honour? The bit before the surprise birthday party is sheer mental torture and devastation because it just seems like their loved ones have forgotten about them. That is not nice! Check before with the person a year or months beforehand and gauge what they think of surprises. Some of us like to be prepared.


  • People who do not know the arguments put forward by the both parties and just claim that they’re both “stupid” are neither “cool” nor “smart.” It is a merely a case of your argument inconveniencing the person. If you are one of those people, either listen or go away.
  • So many people lack self-awareness and attribute traits to themselves that they repeatedly demonstrate that they do not exhibit AT ALL. Listening skills, my ass. I quietly conduct social experiments and weirdly, it is often the people who do not toot their horn who tend to be the good ones and actually listen. It’s not about you when someone is asking for help. Unless relating your experience can be helpful and you can answer what they asked, that is. Otherwise, get lost, for real. Don’t be surprised when people do it back to you… hopefully you’ll learn.
  • If you’re both a hypocrite and a liar, people reserve the right to cut you off from their life if you don’t own up and apologise. You are not the kind of puzzle I want to take on for the rest of my life. GIRL/BOY bye.
  • Staying neutral when a loved one has done or said something so f***ed up to another loved one is a way to lose both of them. If you don’t stand up to the people you love, you’re not being a good friend because you don’t want them to improve, you’re just showing interest in your own comfort. This is life, it is not comfortable so prepare to be uncomfortable. Truthfully, people stand up for people they love and care about. Immediately. Delays are fatal and are often too little, too late. Act now.
  • I highly doubt people care about mental health, it seems like most people say it to just clear their conscience. I hate to say it, but I’m not surprised by the suicide rates. Y’all don’t listen and reach out to people who are suffering with mental health issues so what is even the point? Stop telling suicidal people to reach out… and when they subtly make references, some of you just outright ignore and do not even listen to them. It’s hard for a depressed person to reach out in the first place. Go and actually be there for your loved ones. Check up on them, tell them you love them, buy them gifts here and there, listen and ask the RIGHT questions. If a loved one is depressed or suicidal, especially if they’re suicidal DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE. Don’t tell them they need alone time to learn to love themselves and appreciate life. It’s your lack of love by leaving them alone that will contribute to them not loving themselves so explain to me how that makes any sense? I remember one person who when I was feeling emotional, did not leave me alone until I talked, and you know what, that helped because it showed me that I was appreciated, cared for and loved. You do not need to be a mental health professional or a therapist to be there for your loved ones.
  • Not all doctors, hospitals and GP’s are good. The NHS’s mental health services are heavily under-funded and many who are suffering from mental health issues are put on wait-lists. You have to FIGHT for help which is moronic because when you’re depressed you’re fighting yourself as it is and struggling, so merely summoning that courage to fight for yourself to receive help sort of defies logic. Recently, whilst speaking to a doctor about a relative who was, at the time, a patient at a hospital, I discovered that they prioritise physical issues over mental health. The doctor explained that in the case where both types of patients missed or were late to their appointments, the patient with a physical illness will be prioritised. I found this quite idiotic because a person with depression and anxiety may struggle to remember their appointments or even get out of bed and go to the doctors. What if this progressed into something worse? It is terrifying.


  • Not all teacher deserve raises. Some teachers are straights up twats who belittle their students, do not care at all about them, engage in gossip and the popularity game by becoming cliquey with the popular kids. Teaching is an important job, I expect rigorous examinations that prove they genuinely care about the students. You are a secondary caregiver, they are placed under your responsibility, so they must BE responsible. Sure, teaching as a profession should earn more because of the importance of the job but my point is regarding pay raises.

Do you agree or disagree with my unpopular opinions? Care to debate? The butthurt beware, I don’t care unless your argument has flair. (Lol, how did that happen? I am an undiscovered rapper.)

Sopshki out.


  1. Omg Sophia this is such a cool post. Some thoughts:

    – imo Cersei is the main character in GoT (and when she dies Sansa will be the shit!)
    – John and Danny are shite, totally agree (maybe because the actors aren’t that good to begin with) (they’re cute, but let’s be real…)
    – most people listen so they can talk about themselves profusely afterwards
    – I’m a teacher and I agree that some are assholes or lazy bastards (but most of us love our jobs)
    – when I started suffering from GAD I went to see a psychiatrist who told me I was just anxious because I had too much free time and should find myself a boyfriend.

    I absolutely loved reading this. Would you mind if I wrote something similar someday? (giving you all the credit of course!)


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    1. Hey, Kate! You don’t need my permission to do an unpopular opinions post, they’re already pretty popular on the web so I have no ownership lol but, of course, if you enjoyed mine and would simply like to recommend it then sure thing. If you do agree with an unpopular opinion of mine and want to use my words or was inspired by an unpopular opinion of mine, then please do give credit.
      As to the unpopular opinions (YAY, someone who watched GOT!):
      I never thought of it that way that Cersei is the main character! I thought Jon and Dany are the main characters but let’s face it, Cersei is scarier than the Night King because the spirit of Regina George lives in her. Although, disagreeing on the last point because isn’t Sansa already the shit? 😉👸🏽
      AGREED! Kit is an okay character but Emilia Clarke only has three or so expressions, she even acted terribly in Me Before You… a role where she had to basically play herself. 🤦‍♀️
      Yep, they do, I would respect them more if they were just completely honest about their terrible listening skills, don’t you think? I reached out once directly asking for help… just got monologues of examples that seemed pretty normal in comparison to my issue because they were clearly able to deal with it. 🤦‍♀️
      I had no idea you were a teacher! Lovely to hear that you enjoy it and from what I’ve gleaned from our few and recent interactions, you seem genuinely kind so I’m sure you’re an awesome teacher. 🙂
      I can’t tell you how angry I am reading that. Did you, by any chance, change your psychiatrist? How did you respond to that comment? And how are you coping with your anxiety?

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      1. Oh, I only saw that motherducker once. Since then I’ve found a great therapist so it’s all good.
        I think Sansa hasn’t reached her full potential yet. I think she’s learned a lot from Cersei but will never be as mean. I think she’s going to become a feminist version of Ned.
        Emilia is so expressive when you see her in interview, I don’t understand why she freezes so much when she plays Danny.
        I didn’t know this unpopular opinion concept was popular online lol If I ever write one I’ll def. recommend your post, but I’ll never use your own words.
        Love xoxo

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        1. I’m glad to hear it’s worked out well for you. 🙂
          The feminist Ned, ah, what a picture. Isn’t Ned already a feminist though? He didn’t place limits on his daughters and sister. And, yes, thankfully Sansa will not be as mean, she’s fair and just.
          I know, right?????? That makes it all the more confusing, but apparently D&D have told Emilia to go easy on the expressions and eyebrows. And then actors Alfie Allen have repeatedly been snubbed by award functions. Ugh, they really do not award talent, they award popularity.
          Aw, thank you! I can’t wait to read it… please, if you aren’t already, activate savage mode! 😉
          Lots of love xx


  2. Okay first of all, brava for putting your opinions out there like that. People are very quick to get offended these days.
    Second of all, which Scarface are you talking about? I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the Al Pacino one lol. I hear another remake is being done though.
    I don’t watch GoT so I have zero clue about anything regarding the show.
    Omg surprise parties!! I’m usually good at picking up hints because surprises are a no-go for me. I don’t like the spotlight.
    Now, mental health. Idk about that one. On the one hand, I see where you’re coming from. But sometimes it is easier to talk to a stranger. At least, that’s been my experience. You’re right though. We should make an effort to check-in with our friends or family who are struggling.
    Unfortunately Nationalism is on the rise. Here in the States it is definitely so. It’s scary. Has no one paid attention in history class? Seriously, we’re living in dark times smh.
    Phew! What a post!!

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    1. Thank you! Rhett Butler was right, it is liberating.
      The Al Pacino one, had no idea there was a remake?? It will probably be crap, no offence. Did you enjoy Scarface?
      Lol, that’s alright, GOT isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 😂
      You must have good intuition! All those Nancy Drew stories have paid off. 😉 When you pick up on the fact that someone wants to surprise you, how do you react? Disagree about the spotlight though, it’s your day, enjoy!
      Yeah, I guess it can vary from person to person. I’m glad that you can reach out to someone which is the most important thing. Can I ask, when you say stranger or someone you don’t know, do you mean a therapist, a hotline or something else entirely? I can’t deny that I would prefer the support of a loved one than a stranger though… it’s nice to know that a familiar face is a friendly and loving face.
      Yes, yes, yes, all the yes’s to that. 🙌🏼 Rightly said, the US are so incredibly nationalistic and yet the call others extreme. What’s more scary, as you said, is that people are not paying attention to history and learning from the US’s mistakes. “Make America great again? Make America racist again.”
      And thanks again!

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      1. It is probably gonna be awful lol. Why mess with a classic? I caught only the tail-end of it on TV haha and it was good. But Godfather is still my #1 lol.
        GoT never caught my attention. And the book series is uncompleted? Um yeah, no thanks lol. Everyone I know raves about it though…
        I still act surprised but I’m a terrible actress lmao. I think the last surprise party I had was in uni and my friends knew I was full of crap when I acted shocked lol
        The first person I ever opened up to was a social worker in the hospital. A lovely woman, and a complete stranger. I poured out everything to her. It was cathartic. I opened up to her in a way that I never could with my friends or family. I thought they would judge me (which as it turns out, I was *kind of* right about). But I try to be more open with them. It’s just hard. My role is “good listener”. I don’t like talking about myself but I can listen to my friends all day. Trying to reverse the already established roles is difficult. I personally find it extremely easier to talk to someone I’ve never met before. See, this conversation here, is an example. I’ve never met you but I am comfortable talking to you about this stuff lol.
        I love this country but boy does it test my patience. Which is good, I guess. Keeps my eyes and ears open to help fight the good fight.

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        1. You never know until you try! I dare you to watch one episode at the very least and see how you like it. Never mind it being an incomplete series, I think GRRM is either enjoying the money he’s made (I mean the guy is pretty old, so why not?), dreading how to end it and not sure how to reach the final destination (self-doubt can be crippling) or feels so much more pressure for it to be perfect that he’s overthinking everything (we’d rather have an end to the series that is well thought-out than a sloppy one, right?).

          Loooooooool xD I hope you did a Monica on them! *surprise* *…* *oh wait* *SCREAMS DRAMATICALLY*

          So, was it like a “new person, the real me” situation for you? A little worrying that it was to a social worker at a hospital, that doesn’t spell good times. How are you feeling after that? Kinda p’d off that she judged you. It makes sense about being the listener, you feel like you have to be the listener, I get that… it’s not your role though, don’t forget… you are not their therapist to just listen to them… I hope they’re asking you questions about you and appreciate you! Message me anytime you’re feeling particularly low, dude, you can talk to me; my email is sophia.ismaa@hotmail.co.uk so just email when you need to talk, and if you feel like it!

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          1. Next season is the last season right? I think I’ll give it a try then. That way if I end up liking it I can watch it all continuously haha. The books I will stay away from lol

            It was more of “the hidden me”. I tried so hard to appear as if everything was okay when it wasn’t. This was years ago and since then I’ve gotten the help and support I needed. And the friends I have now are completely lovely. Sometimes things still get a bit out of hand but I know how to deal with it in a healthy way.

            Thank you Soph!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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            1. Actually that’s a great idea because if you ended up loving it, then the torture of waiting a year would be so frustrating.

              That’s so good to hear, it’s inevitably going to get out of hand once in a while so it’s so great that you’ve found a healthy way of dealing with it. And you’ve got a good support system as well, good, good, good. ❤️ (and woman, you need to teach us all these healthy tricks one day! Next time I do an award and tag you, I’m asking you for these tips!)

              And you’re welcome. ❤️

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  3. You are a one Brave girl, sister.
    Recently an Indian actress called Pakistan to be an extremists state because they banned just one Indian film. I mean what about the fact that all Pakistani artists are banned in India and no Pakistani films are screened over there. In India lead actress was receiving death threats only because she played role of a hindu empress falling for a muslim emperor. Before passing down racist comments on other countries, they should have a look on themselves.
    Kudos to you for speaking about Salman Khan. This man has abused his girlfriend in past. In his films women cannot be more than a pretty face and still people call him “bhai”.

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    1. Thank you!
      Woah, woah, I had no idea, which Indian actress? YES, the sheer hypocrisy, it seems they are imposing totalitarianism on countries other than their own. Isn’t that… Hitler-ish behaviour? Truly terrifying. And I’m guessing you’re referring to Deepika Padukone?
      Omg, yes. So glad you brought that up. Salman Khan abused Aishwarya Rai and the country still love him. Disgusting. They really cannot be more than a pretty face except for Anushka Sharma who stood up for herself and landed a meaty a role and was one of the very few in the industry who had courage enough to address Salman Khan’s rape comment.
      Thank you, I’m so glad there are people like you who are not afraid to question what’s wrong. Much love and respect to you. 🤗

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      1. I have just realized that how much we will get along if we will meet.
        Swara Bhasker was the actress who said Pakistan is country run by Sharia law therefore it is bound to be oppressive. I don’t even want to mention the adversities of minorities in India like genocide of muslims in Gujarat. I think this is pure state terrorism. And later on this particular actress said in another interview that she passed racist remarks on Pakistan because she had been to Pakistan and had said that she loved it. When her film was banned all the hindu extremist attacked her for once siding with Pakistan. She was forced to defend herself.
        The reason why I am not a fan of Salman Khan is that if we idealize men who mistreat women what value are we adding to our society?

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        1. I know, my feminist sister from another mother. ❤️
          Really, Swara Bhasker? I wanted to watch Veere di wedding as well, ugh. She doesn’t even understand Sharia law. Oppressive? Really? She’s from India, so what is she talking about? You are completely right, it is pure state terrorism. Who is this particular actress and which film was it?
          “The reason why I am not a fan of Salman Khan is that if we idealize men who mistreat women what value are we adding to our society?” Love this, wonderfully said. They are all up his arse because his films make money and they want to ride the fame wagon. Pure cowardice.

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          1. I may have spelled her name incorrectly (silly me). But yes she was the one. I see her statement as a proof of her patriotism to the extremist mindset in India. It was this film Veere di Wedding.
            Few months ago a film was released in Pakistan “Cake”. Maybe, the trailer might not appeal you much but it has got great reviews. It is a story of two sisters. Two women whose insecurities and ambitions are bigger than their love lives. Their lives don’t revolve around men (Groundbreaking). Men are just a part of their life. It is a great film. You can watch that.
            Nowadays, media is ready to preach anything which brings them money. Responsibility of media……this idea died ages ago.

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            1. So disappointed especially as she has been praised for her performance in the film. I don’t feel like watching it now, my money isn’t going to be turned over to an extremist.
              Oo! I might watch that then! Sounds like Pakistan’s version of Bride Wars. I won’t pretend that I am disappointed in Pakistani after the treatment of the Meesha Shafi case in its early days. Why could they not comprehend that men can be nice and still attack/assault a woman? Ugh.
              Yes, both brands and media are ready to jump on the bandwagon, aren’t they. :/ *include a feminist message so they’ll buy from us.* I’m sure you know about Woody Allen and his “history.” Let’s see how much celebrities actually care about the #metoo movement.

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              1. Well, I haven’t seen bride wars but Cake is about a dysfunctional family. This family has reunited recently and the hidden family secrets might just come out. It is so realistic and genuine. I consider this a feminist movie because the central concern of women in this film is not their love-life. It is a film which celebrates sisterhood of women. So it is worth watching.
                I totally agree with you on Meesah Shafi issue. Some actors were supporting Ali Zafar because their film was coming out with him in this July. And this controversy might hurt their business. Shame….
                We are ready to support any ideology, movement and any person for our business.

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                1. Must watch it then! I’ll need to find it somewhere online one day. 🙂
                  Had no idea that they supported him for the sake of their film release, ugh. Anushka Sharma didn’t do that when Sultan was releasing/released. Disappointing… you cannot trust celebs and the media unless they have nothing to gain from the situation.

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  4. Damn, Soph, don’t hold back, let it all out! Ha ha haaaa! Got any more to get off your chest? Feel better now? I take no issue with anything you have to say here. If you’re trying to offend me, you’ll have to do a whole lot better than that. I’m practically imperturbable; that’s my superpower. Now bring some more!

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    1. Feel so much better! The reason you’re not offended is because you haven’t done any of the stupid things mentioned. Only people who do will get offended, simple. You are genuinely one of the people who do listen, so good on you! I would love to see your version of unpopular opinions!

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  5. I appreciate the opinions you have stated. Some of them might be more popular than not. If I may, I will add an opinion that I have not seen expressed: Villains are not complex characters. Cunning and/or complicated beings are not usually complex. They are most often one-dimensional. (Think of Sauron, for example. “I will rule them all.” Nothing too deepyboo about that.)

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    1. In my own life, believe me they are not popular but it’s lovely to see that people do agree! It definitely makes it all feel a little brighter. Just a smidge.
      Sauron isn’t that cunning or complicated, most villains aren’t. Except for a few such as Cersei and the Joker with the latter being a villain who’s intentions and motives just aren’t clear at all. Cersei, perhaps, at the very least, we know that she wants to protect her family and keep her status. But she begins as someone who you can at least feel sympathy for and you watch her gradually become worse and worse. Show Cersei at first didn’t want to kill innocent people (Joffrey’s orders) and then by season 6 she kills hundreds of innocents mercilessly. In that sense, she’s not there to “rule them all” or “harm them all” like most villains are. She just wants to protect her and her own and that descends into anarchy and even the loss of her loved ones… and now the only loved one she has is herself.

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  6. Your unpopular opinions might not be so unpopular after all and we can have a long chat on it, girl!

    • Pizza is over-rated. It’s treated like a food from heaven.

    • I haven’t watched GOT or movies you mentioned but I will get back to this post once I’ve watched those.

    • I don’t want to offend anyone but it’s annoying to see how Indians react to when a renowned person defies their expectations of patriotism. They are more worried about what Priyanka Chopra said in the show than any other matters or actions which might as well portray their country, to the rest of the world, in a wrong way. Hindu extremists are always ready with a statement of the blame for India’s predicament on Islamic terrorism. Someone in your comments mentioned the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat, its pure state terrorism. They should consider reviewing their internal affairs rather than shaming Priyanka Chopra for her dialogue which might not be wrong if you consider the fact that there are terrorist groups in India.

    • Really, banning Pakistani actors and actresses but Indians don’t mind releasing Indian films in Pakistan to earn money. If this isn’t hypocrisy, I don’t know what is.

    • Likewise, hypocrites are the worst sort of spineless creatures. They don’t have guts to own up to their own words.

    • I just can’t put up with people’s shit and we really need people who call out people.

    • I can’t believe Salman Khan made that obnoxious comment. People won’t acknowledge what he said intentionally but they didn’t miss on shaming Priyanka Chopra for a dialogue. I’ve never understood why or how men like him are promoted. Why Indians try to establish relationships with everyone, even celebrities, is beyond me? I’ve always considered him a mediocre actor and he’s highly over-rated. Besides, whose idea was it to fund his crap show ‘Kitne Pratishat Bhartiya’? Maybe they should consider doing charity if they’re out of options of utilizing their money. People here want him to go to jail because he hunted a deer, but no one seems to consider, murdering a man was a far more serious crime.

    • People don’t care about mental health or depression. They don’t consider it worth giving their attention or love and that’s what people suffering from mental health issues and depression need the most.

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    1. Sis, you’re just making me happy knowing that it’s actually quite popular!

      • agreed. It’s cheap, greasy and easy.

      • sis, I will be waiting for the day you watch it!

      • pure state terrorism, agreed. They can’t deny it with the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat, it is a complete denial of logic. Currently, if India was a person, it would be a toxic narcissist who wants the world and its state to do everything for them and give you nothing in return.

      • literally, had this experience with a hypocrite just two weeks ago. Could not own up to her words without sandwiching it with “I didn’t mean that and what I meant was something else”… and then changing it to “I said something else.” Girl, if the shoe didn’t fit, you wouldn’t have brought it up.

      • “drama queens” unite. ❤️

      • the film industry is worried about not receiving work or the films not becoming a hit… but it’s citizens have no excuse. They have nothing to gain. If they don’t mind terrorism, sadly, they won’t mind rape jokes. He literally plays who he “thinks” he is in films. And as to the murder, the people don’t care and won’t care unless it happens to them. At least in the West, there would be an uproar.

      • they really don’t. They’ll donate to charity, and consider they’ve done their work. Charity begins at home. And if they care, they care with tweets and in real life… they ignore them and “give them space.” Under no condition (well most) should you be giving a depressed person space especially when those thoughts are scary and might lead to the worst.


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