Tongue Twister Challenge (Video)

Hey, guys! As some of you, who are following me on Goodreads, know that I have recently been on a liiiitle bit of a Dr. Seuss marathon. I absolutely love his books and I’ll do a separate post on that in an April reading wrap-up.

I finished reading Fox in Socks and I thought it would be a fun idea to do a tongue twister challenge based on it and my baby sister (say Masha’Allah) (15-year old) happily assisted me, well, competed against me and we had a blast.

And now I challenge you to beat our scores! If you do beat us, let us know in the comments and keep the gloating to a minimum. Just kidding, gloat all you want. *Chuckles in upset.*

Happy blogging!


        1. She is, she’s shy at first but even when she’s shy she’s still very warm (how does she do it?), my life is definitely brighter for it. ❤️ Thank you, means a lot, she’s the most important person to me. 🙂


              1. haha, so adorable! she must be all red and all cute! lucky you, for you get to witness all that. ask her to join this platform sometime later and i’ll serenade her w my poetry! no problem!

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                    1. Dude, I literally have not said anything wrong. Writing poetry/serenading a 15-year old is grooming a child, I’m not supporting any Woody Allen actions here which is why I asked how old you are as you do come across very young. You didn’t know she was 15, there’s no right and wrong here but when you say “it’s just poetry!” as opposed to “oh, sorry I didn’t realise that she is 15” you’re putting yourself in the wrong by saying that and even she felt awkward at that comment because she’s underage. If you don’t apologise, you’re going to make your self sound like a paedophile.


                    2. i think it sounded pretty, decent. and you know, you need to think less, and try dealing w things a lil maturely, which you never do. and try not to make such a big issue of such small things. i’ve an younger sister your sister’s age. so, i could relate. i was just being friendly. but because of people like you, that does not end v well for me. i’m sorry, anyway.


                    3. It sounded pretty decent to serenade an underage 15-year old…? And it’s immature for me to not be okay with that?
                      Like all you had to say was sorry, I didn’t realise she was 15, and that would have been done. End of conversation. I thought you meant it all in a kindly way not flirty way at all. Serenading is flirty.


                    4. not for that. nope. kindly read properly before you respond them. i said, things! deal w things maturely.
                      just let it be. i’m sorry. take care! 🙂


                    5. and i guess my choice of words was a lil wrong, but i thought you won’t mind it, because well, we know each other and stuff. but nope, you still had to judge me and stuff. anyway, i’m sorry, for whatever! take care of yourself!


                    6. Hi , this is Sophia’s sister. I’m very uncomfortable with ur choice of words spoken about me and she didn’t understand what you meant in the first place until u said the word serenade , anyways thank you tho.


                    7. i’m really sorry! i just used the wrong words and then it was misinterpreted. i make mistakes too. i apologize. please continue, w whatever you were doing. i’m sorry. 🙂


  1. When sisters get together there’s no end to the fun!
    On the mirror, to this day false teeth freak me out a little because my cousin told me that his father’s dentures were haunted and would bite my toes if they stuck out of the blanket at night. 😂

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