Flash Fiction ‘Sick Day’ Sequel

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya, theceaselessreaderwrites!

After Denny persuaded me to continue his flash fiction, I’ve decided to challenge myself and construct a sequel. I’ve warned him that I’ll be terrible, and that I will end up making the story as bizarre as possible through no conscious fault of mine. You can read the prequel here which is titled ‘Sick Day.

flash fiction

I’ve taken Em’s (Emma?) screen shot from Denny’s original post and the full post is available on the link provided above.

After a good five minutes of attempting to regulate my breathing, my shock and fears gradually subsided, and a sense of calm took over.

For as long as I had lived and remembered, my entire life had consisted of routine, tradition and sticking to the familiar. I had not played risks with my career, love and health. I was the epitome of the law-abiding citizen.

I realised that for once in my mundane and predictable life that I was finally feeling the tremors of excitement, an excitement for the unknown.

An infinite amount of possibilities entered my mind and each and all began and led to me getting out of my car and walking towards the mysterious hand.

Almost intuitively, as if it had been waiting for me, the hand once again reached out from the clouds and gently lay itself on the grassy knoll as if an offer of friendship had been made.

I hesitated. Do I offer my hand too? Do I place myself on the hand? What am I doing?

I don’t know, and I don’t want to think any longer or further. All I knew was that new and better days were coming.

Promptly, I stepped forward and stood on the hand and awaited the adventures that were sure to come.

I would love it if someone could generate a sequel which consisted of aliens and, if you do, please leave a link here and to Denny’s original post so we can see it! I tag anyone who enjoys writing, so basically every blogger (uh-winkety wink).


  1. Wonderful job, Sophia! Your sequel is very much along the lines of what I would’ve written had I done so. You shouldn’t doubt yourself, this is very good. Thank you so much for participating! As promised, I will reblog it soon! Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

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