My Bookish Identity, Book Tag

I was tagged for this by the ever delightful and inquisitive TheWebWeavers. Check them out, for an exquisite time!

What Dystopian/Fantastical World Would You Want to Live In?

The Harry Potter universe has rendered any possibility of the desire to exist in other alternate worlds (other than Heaven) null. I will even happily live in times of danger in the wizarding world because all I got to do is Apparate, right? It would be the best kind of danger.

flirty harry

What on earth am I saying? The things drinking coffee does to you.

Who Would Your Partner Be?

Neville Longbottom. Originally, it was Remus Lupin but I doubt he would want to… have fun. I mean, I still love him, but Neville has won me over. And Cedric Diggory is pretty cool too.


Who Would Be Your Godly Mother/Father [Percy Jackson]? (Quiz)

Aphrodite. Apparently. I know she’s the goddess of love from the myths I read as a child but that’s pretty much it. Also, I haven’t read a single book from the Percy Jackson series * shields self from tomato barrage. *

According to Wikia, Aphrodite “knows very well that she is beautiful, and she also has the power to change her appearance as she likes her title as “Lady of the Doves” and “the most beautiful”.” I don’t mind this description at all.


Would You Be a Downworlder or Nephilim [Shadowhunter World]? (Quiz)

One day I will read the Shadowhunter series. For now, I apparently am a Shadowhunter. I’ve got to say, I have no frame of reference to judge the accuracy but I’m kind of sure the quiz-makers know what they’re talking about. Even though it doesn’t sound much like me.


Which Hogwarts House Would You Be In [Harry Potter]?

The Pottermore quiz told me a couple of years ago that I’m a Gryffindor. I made another account to retake the quiz recently (as any HP fan does) to see if it changed. I remain a Gryffindor. Yay!


Which Faction Would You Be In [Divergent]? (Quiz)

I’ve finished this series and the first book was by far the most enjoyable. I found Tris quite relatable and I’m sure many would too.

I did this quiz a couple of months ago and I retook it ago… and I remain Divergent! We should all be getting Divergent by the way, we are not just one of these traits, we are all of them.


What Would Be Your Daemon [Northern Lights]? (Quiz)

I strongly feel that I attempted this book when I was a child, got distracted and stopped reading. This is definitely something I want to read in the future though!


Anyway, I’m kind of jealous that TheWebWeavers got something as cool as an osprey and what did I get? A golden monkey! Although, it does sound about right.

A lot of people called me a monkey in secondary school… with affection of course! I don’t believe in cliques as our form class fortunately didn’t label but if I had to pick one because my life depended on it, then it’s definitely the class clown. I was making memes ten years ago before they became all the rage and pulling pranks left, right and centre.

I’m not sure who exactly to tag for this so I will tag those few who I know are/may be interested in fantasy fiction and would enjoy this tag but, of course, feel free to do it too if you’re interested and tag me so I can see the answers!

The Art of Feels

The Bibliofile

Once again, thank you TheWebWeavers, it was great to do something light and fun!

I am visiting and staying over at my aunts so I should be resuming reading The Odyssey (Goodreads) tonight.

Sophski out.


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