My All-Time Favourite Films

A few weeks ago, I posted a list of my all-time favourite comedy shows, so, in the same spirit, I thought I’d create a list for my favourite films! I have a very limited attention span (unless I’m working) so for me to sit through an entire film and watch completely engaged is a rare sighting.

Let’s begin the countdown!


I first discovered this film on IMDB’s 200 or so top films list and I did put it off for a while because on the surface, it didn’t seem interesting! And then I watched. I sympathised. I empathised. I cried. I cried some more. I cried a bucketful of tears. I cried for the four boys, I cried for the unfortunate circumstances they were put in. I cried at the ending. I cried so much I literally became a human onion.

But I rejoiced at Verne’s sweetness and naivety, at Teddy’s optimism, at Gordie’s loving nature and I mostly rejoiced at what a wonderful and brave human being and friend Chris Chambers was, even to the very end. Even when it was scary. Hands down, he is my favourite fictional film character of all time. A beautiful coming-of-age film and exploration of friendship.


Both The Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me are adaptations of Stephen Kings’ Different Seasons novella. And they’re both my two favourite films!

If you haven’t watched this film already… what are you doing??? This is one of the first films you start with when you begin on your greatest films ever journey! I am yet to meet a person who doesn’t like this film.

This film is about hope. Before anything you need hope and once you hope, you can act and genuinely act because you genuinely believe. Andy Dufresne engineers the change in his life in prison, he plans for the long-term and each day his actions help him progress towards the goals he wants to achieve. Being in prison doesn’t stop him from believing and smiling. Plus, you have Morgan Freeman’s wonderful narration.


Alright, I know The Godfather is supposed to be the best gangster film of all time and don’t get me wrong, at times it was mind blowing. But it was slow. It got boring at times. Sometimes nothing was happening. And with Goodfellas… too much was happening! And it was terrifying.

Scarface on the other hand has the right pace, not too fast nor too slow. The characters were layered, the theme of living the American dream was explored well and the dialogues were refreshingly honest, even funny at times and at some points cheesy… but I didn’t mind it!

And those who say Tony Montana was living the life or that Elvira was a bad-ass, you’re wrong. Neither were happy nor were they in love.

I absolutely loved Manny though, he is easily overshadowed by the huge personality that is Tony Montana.


I’m not into DC or Marvel but I’m hella into Batman! So I guess I’m… what? 1/20th into DC? No, make that 2/20th because I enjoyed Deadpool too.

I loved the The Dark Knight Rises because of Catwoman but hands down, Heath Ledger was the star of the entire trilogy. He is deranged, he is clever, he is reckless and most importantly, HE IS SO DAMN INTERESTING. Most villains I watch all seem to be the same, always calculated and quietly vicious and Heath Ledgers’ interpretation was a complete breath of fresh air.

Christian Bale was also great eye candy.


What is the first rule of Fight Club? You do not talk about Fight Club? Ah, okay. Here’s the IMDB description instead: Summary!


Ah, Emma Stone. How I miss the you I thought I knew before I discovered you worked with Woody Allen.

I’m sure a lot of high schoolers will relate to Emma Stone’s character (Olive). I didn’t fully relate to her but I love her anyway. She has a similar sense of humour to me which is a combination of goofy and sarcastic!

When she continuously sang Natasha Bedingfields “Pocketful of Sunshine” in the weirdest way possible, I felt it in my heart. She spoke to my soul.

Moral of the film: screw high school fame, screw not being yourself and definitely don’t pretend to screw someone you’re not screwing!


One of the very few romantic films I actually enjoyed. I don’t seek out romantic films and I didn’t expect this to be such a joy. What an acute and truthful exploration of mental health. They did not hold back at all.

Tiffany is a wonderful character and it made perfect sense that Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for this film. She really put the act in actress in this film.


Did I place Silver Linings Playbook above Titanic? Hell, yeah!

I love this film. I even rewatched it when it came out in 3D. If you don’t feel tears in your eyes when someone says “I’ll never let go,” are you even human?

Titanic to me is remembering that your dreams do not have to align with your parents wishes! You can choose something completely different. You can choose happiness. I loved that we were treated to the pictures at the end where we see that Rose truly embraced what she learnt from Jack.

Also, there was so much space on that door that you could have sat down and played Monopoly on it. You could have built a Mayfair empire.


I mean, there had to be one Disney film at least. I know most people root for Merida, Moana, Mulan and Elsa but Rapunzel is the one for me. Always. She’s warm, kind, fun and sociable! And Eugene isn’t your textbook Disney Prince either.

Now, is there any way that I could turn Rapunzel into a male human being so that he could reject my flirtations? Or can I at least have a friend like Rapunzel?!

Lesson learnt: saucepans aren’t just for cooking.


I LOVE THIS FILM, I LOVE THIS FILM, I LOVE THIS FILM! You are the female, film-equivalent version of the Impractical Jokers! Thank you for making me laugh out loud and I will never delete you from our Sky planner.

Both characters are hilarious! Sandy B is funny in an awkward and sarcastic way and Melissa McCarthy is just outrageously hilarious. YOU ARE A GIFT.

Now… could you please make a sequel?

And that’s it’s from me! I don’t mind watching any genre, except for action and there’s a mix of a few genres here because come on… it gets boring watching serious cinema all the time. All aboard the variety train 🎉!

Sophski out.


  1. Love your choices!
    *nods nods* Heath Ledger definitely was the star in that film! I’m also a sucker for Titanic and a J.Law fan so yes to Silver Linings Playbook. I especially love the part where Tiff accuses Pat of being a hypocrite and a liar and a conformist – J.Law nailed that!
    Tangled too. And oh my gosh the duo in The Heat is gold!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, thank you!
      I know right, what an iconic performance… It’s probably the last greatest villain we’ll see in a long while.
      I love that scene too! Tiffany was so unabashedly herself and courageous and I’m so glad she called him out for that. They were so right for each other. I’d love to see more films like this.
      Yay! It’s rare to see someone who likes Tangled too! I know, we need more female duos like this for sure. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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