My Only New Year’s Resolution

I don’t usually participate in New Year’s resolutions. They’re usually unrealistic and abandoned within the first month. However, this year I am taking on one resolution courtesy of Philippa Gregory.

Last year, I read The Other Boleyn Girl and it reignited my love for historical fiction. I don’t remember much about the Tudor’s other than Henry the VII and his six wives. I had no idea that the wives themselves were so interesting, not just Anne Boleyn.

So, this year, I would love to read more Philippa Gregory books. This is realistic as I went on a book haul and bought as many of her books I could find. After I read Homer, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Habibi (the first graphic novel I plan on reading since my childhood days… well, I say that but it was more comics like Asterix and Obelisk and The Bean), I will begin my 2018 historical fiction journey. What I’m also looking forward to is the fact that all these books have a narrative steered by women, one of my favourite kind to read. Here are the books I bought:

I would also like to read Alison Weir’s biography on Queen Elizabeth I. I am absolutely enthralled by Good Queen Bess and I can’t wait to learn more about her.

Another resolution, relevant to this resolution, is to visit the Tower of London. As I live pretty nearby I therefore qualify for the £1 visit (yes, only a £1, eeeeeeek!). I hope I get to stop by at Paul for lunch, their tuna nicoise is by far one of my all-time favourite dishes. It’s not only healthy, the quality is amazing and the portion size of each ingredient is just right (there’s no excess anything) paired with French dressing.

If you know any amazing pieces of historical fiction, particularly on monarchs, then get recommending!

Wish you all a wonderful 2018!

Sophia Ismaa


    1. Thank you! I’ve read it and I did find the wording to be fairly difficult to comprehend. However, I loved the film version (Keira Knightley) and it really opened my eyes as to how we can all sometimes believe we have superior understanding of human beings that enables us to do guess-work on strangers. And the mentality of that first line still persists today. Drat.

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        1. I’ve watched that too, Colin Firth IS Mr Darcy! No one can perform the role better than him, in my opinion. I found Elizabeth to be too self-contained whereas it was acknowledged that Elizabeth had lively eyes so naturally I assumed her disposition would correspond to that.

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  1. hello, sophia! i’m really sorry for behaving in such a way! you were right! i wasn’t just thinking straight, probably because my mind was a mess! i read it later, and yes it was really inappropriate! you’re a really sweet, girl! and i’m really sorry! please take care of yourself! you’re beautiful!

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